Rooting and HTC driver installation is not working properly

hey people, I know I'm wrong here but I'm looking in the tread me more dimwitted to create a new theme,
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Evl white indeed still anybody rat or can my fragr in the appropriate range shifting. !!!

I just wanted to "M7"rooten was then on the "HTCDEV"page, but when I try the HTC driver to instalieren strike my pc, "Windos 10"
step 5 on the htcdev page should be with me the cmd window open but that does not make it, so I'm stuck,

anyone know evl another opportunity to root the m7 and TWRP it to play?

my goal is to draw Lineageos Draut,

Thank you in advance

Hello Lars!

If you know anyway that you post it in a wrong thread and a Samsung device, I wonder why you do it anyway.

I've split your time and moved to the appropriate range.

This all works exactly as described with Win10.
but you solltes cmd windows can open automatically, otherwise you have to drill out a little time your PC know-how ... so it's all going well until!

Are you sure you really want rooten an HTC?
Get your advance smart about how the existing system can be secured, as you / case of failure come in emergency back into a functioning system or the original system back. If it's been hanging on opening the cmd, I would pull the emergency brake fast times!

jm2c : $

PS: If a custom ROM (LOS) to it, previously need not be rooted the old system. Will you have safe in your research already read ... ;)

Hi Klaus .... Thanks .... how do I get because without root lineageos the m7 ..
How to do this on the Samsung, I know. With HTC I do me something hard .. Thanks in advance

The issue here just as easy ...

  • the bootloader unlock (since you're grad)
  • Download and flash TWRP
  • the LOS and Gapps-Zip download copy to the internal memory
  • Start into TWRP and install LOS + Gapps, FullWipe
  • reboot

Finished :)

You need absolutely no root it. You need an open bootloader to install a Custom Recovery. This is not possible without a functioning USB connection to the PC.

HTC is the way almost identical to Nexus when opening the boot loader. Only the unlock token on HTCdev is also necessary.

I do not come on .... wsrumnimmer error?

You can read it here...."can not open", The file is not found.
Vllt haste a typo, the file is not where you are in the directory grad ....

What's wrong with it ?
All in a folder but still error. please tell me what I can do or should ... image

Give it a:

c: \ adb \ fastboot flash unlocktoken c: \ adb \ Unlock_android.bin

Aries thank you .. that's it ... the others Thanks ....

actually, Klaus already written. You were in the wrong directory. but your screenshot contains the answer. CMD is C: \ Users \ Owner, your files are located but in C: \ adb

TWRP is now my problem ... I have no idea what to type in cmd ... can someone help me image

c: \ adb \ fastboot flash recovery c: \ adb \ TWRP-3.0.0-2-m7

If I read correctly on the head. I'm too old for a headstand on the desktop : D

On my phone, the picture was right around sorry

Something is wrong again .... Sorry if I'm too stupid instead ...

Give it a

dir c: \ adb

and post it here.

Could it be that you

c: \ adb \ fastboot flash recovery c: \ adb \ TWRP-3.0.0-2-m7.img

need to enter because your Explorer suppresses file extensions.

Have you entered: \ adb

I think it's done

Yes, my guess was correct. Submissions are hidden.

Now copy the and on the phone to boot into recovery, system, data, cache and cache Dalvic wipen (never use the internal memory), LineageOS flash, flash Gapps and reboot.

The first launch will take looong. But then the One fun.