Login not possible on site

Hello together, I wanted to log on to the mobile phone using Google Chrome on the website me today. I have tried it in the mobile and desktop version.
When I click on Login button becomes just a little "pressed" otherwise nothing happens.
When I click on the menu scrolls the page only to the very bottom, but that was it already.
Furthermore appears to me in the desktop version only AndroidPi that is missing t. Clicks work on the house and search.

Google Chrome Version: 40.0.2214.109
Cache has been deleted

Hello Kili

This error occurs even if another browser? I can not reproduce the error with the same version of Chrome.
What version of Android smartphone and what do you have?

Hi Sophia, was starting to think that here nothing unexpected ... :?
Did it just tested the pre-installed browser - works.
I have the HTC One M7 with the SlimKat Rome.

I have now been reset Chrome ... Has brought nothing :(

Edit (11/03/15): I may have found the problem, but I have to test it again.

Was probably the JavaScript !.


Edit (11/03/15): I may have found the problem, but I have to test it again.

What have you found any errors? Or. what have you tested?

The JavaScript was disabled. Why, however, I do not know.

not guess that feedback directly in the thread belongs ... But after my other was closed in the feedback forum here again.

Hello together, so now there's also times of me feedback ...

As you can see since then has create the thread not done much ... Once a response from Sophia with a couple about my device and the error of it could not be reproduced. That's about it as well again.
Works for me as if you do not care if my problem is resolved a bit or not. Finally, I'm coming via the app forum.

The sub-forum for support is not exactly so crowded that my thread might be lost or you do not hinterherkommt with the fixes. There you should then stop and look back regularly if there is to edit something.

Hello Kili

I have subscribed to the Forum and some other and get through each thread a new message. This does not happen when you are editing a post, thus adding new information. I'm sorry if this makes it perhaps set.

Your problem is solved now, if I have understood correctly, since you had the JavaScript disabled?

I have only last night the info added that I possibly had the error.
Two weeks before that I worked on anything. So that's no excuse for me ...

Yes, it was the Java Script.

Therefore, I apologized.
Nice that you could solve it! :)

I would not be an Korinthenkacker, but you've based you edit the apologizing and not on items ... ;-)