Android control from the PC: remote maintenance tools compared

There are different methods to remotely control a smartphone. Be it from a PC or Mac: Android devices allow a variety of ways remote maintenance. AirDroid is considered as the most popular variant. But at last we could QuickSupport successfully test. And we want this method to introduce you finally.

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When do I need the smart phone control on the PC?

There are two situations where smartphone remote maintenance is practical: Either you want to help one another from a distance, to solve a problem. Or you want to control your own smartphone or manage because you do not want to operate via touch screen or it can.

In the particular case that you want to control a smart phone with a broken touch screen display, you need an additional OTG cable and a mouse. Then you can at least re-use so far to set up one of the below mentioned remote maintenance tools smartphone.

  • So you operated a smart phone with a broken touch screen
AndroidPIT control a phone with a mouse 1An OTG cable and a mouse are enough to drive a defective touch smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

If the display itself also indicates more an image, you the following steps are not take. It is a prerequisite that at least the image is displayed. Otherwise, you can not unlock and not connect to the PC, as it is necessary for the following apps your device.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Quick Support TeamViewer enables remote maintenance of smartphones from a PC. Installed on the smartphone Quick Support App. This automatically recommends the right plug-in that allows the app has access to the vendor-specific system component. Only then can the Fernwarutungs app may transfer the smartphone screen and accept input for remote control. Samsung smartphones, there is alternatively a specific app.

TeamViewer QuickSupportInstall on Google PlayQuick Support for SamsungInstall on Google Play

The manufacturer support is improved considerably in recent years. Many of you are quick Support can use for free to remote maintenance of smart phones to the PC. In our quick test in the office is going on with the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) works fine.

teamviewer desktop remote control appClick, scroll and type your input from the PC to the smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

On the smartphone side you will receive a nine-digit code to start the app. Send your this your Counterspell over, your helper can type it into his team viewer client. Then the phone will ask if you agree with the remote control. Modified Smartphones ask at this point to root access. The connection may at any time be terminated by either side.

teamviewer quick support remote controlPer root privileges modified smartphones Quick help support. / © AndroidPIT

On the client side, ie the side of the helping person, TeamViewer offers useful overviews and controls. The dashboard displays the serial number, IMEI, MAC address and other key figures. In addition to the remote control your screenshots can request, suggest apps to uninstall, display processes, stop or add Wi-Fi networks or change.


AirDroid is a software that links your computer and your Android smartphone together. On the computer, the program has two different surfaces. First, it provides the native client for Windows or OSX computer. Secondly, it offers features for remote control in a web interface.

AirDroid also supports the wireless remote control of your smartphone. Then there is the option to transfer clipboard contents from your phone to the PC and vice versa.

Setting up AirDroid

First you have to install on the PC the AirDroid app on the smartphone and the desktop client. Visits to this website and invite you there the appropriate installer down. Login you after installation by like account, so the devices can communicate with each other instantly.

In the initial setup AirDroid is to ask you also about allowing the Notification access. This makes it possible that appear on your computer in the lower right corner of pop-ups with the Android notifications. So you stay on the PC up to date on what e-mail programs and other news apps on your smartphone is in WhatsApp going on.

Opens the AirDroid client on your computer and you should see the following screen:

AirDroid device backup deAirDroid 3 on the computer uses a common clipboard. / © AndroidPIT

In the My Devices in the left column of the main window you can click on your smartphone. Then you see a kind of chat window where you can send notes and links on your smartphone among others. Here also three small buttons can greatly help you in the following hiding.

Transfer content from the clipboard

In the upper right corner of the input field, you see a pair of binoculars and two clipboards. The left of the clipboards transfers the contents of the PC clipboard to your smartphone. The right clipboard transfers the smartphone clipboard to the computer.

Smartphone wireless remote control from the PC with AirDroid

So you can use your smartphone to your computer, it must be connected in the initial setup with a cable to the computer. In the Developer Settings You need to enable USB Debugging and follow a wizard.

  • Thus activated your USB debugging

Typing this, first to the said binocular icon. Now you select the option AirMirror. During the first connection you must always connect a USB cable so AirDroid changed the configuration of your smartphone. Only in rooted smartphones AirDroid app can perform this step wirelessly.

AirDroid device airmirror deAlways before image transmission session you have to connect your phone to the computer. / © AndroidPIT

Once your USB debugging have enabled you can click the green button setting connected. Then, when the mirrored image of your smartphone is displayed on the PC screen, You must remove the cable again. Because the display is constantly on in this matter, it is worth to have connected the cable as a power supply.

Unfortunately, the speed of this screen transfer is dependent on the speed of your wireless connection. If several people share the wireless connection or your router is further away, AirDroid AirMirror becomes a jerky affair.

To end the screen transfer, your pressing in the tab on the PC client on the small X next to the words AirMirror. Presses on the grayed Close to really stop the service on your smartphone.

transmitted wirelessly files

To wirelessly transmit files between your smartphone and your computer, you must go to the web interface of AirDroid. That you achieved at the following website:

  • AirDroid web interface
AirDroid web interface deThe web interface of AirDroid allows file transfers and more. / © AndroidPIT

In the Web interface file transfers are less problematic than in the Windows client. Opens the website easily share files, make your way to the directory and selects download there or Upload. You can use in your Mac and Windows Explorer on your original computer or the Finder to find files on the computer. drag it down the corresponding window in the AirDroid web interface.

AirDroid: Remote Access & datesInstall on Google Play


TeamViewer should be the right tool for the job for most of you. It combines the smartphone with your PC quickly and has on both sides a pleasing low setup effort. AirDroid provides a greater variety of tools and features, but is more complicated to set up and offers many of his tricks only for money.