PlayStore card unreadable

Hello Lato,

How long did you have back then wait until about Google Major replied had?
Would appreciate your answer
PS. With me also a problem at 50 € Google card is :(

Does my I do not take so long.
Within a week everything was clarified :)

Okay, thanks fürdie quick response. I just hope with me to give me the money to my account :)

How long are you waiting for already for a response?

This is exactly why I would recommend the online version. Because nothing go wrong as long as the Play Store works. The credit code then come via email and it is not so annoying when even a code does not work.
Some vendors have then helps one live support the immediate and sometimes exchanging codes!
It happened to me once that I had bought the wrong code (50 € instead of 30 &Euro;) and support for has converted the code without objection. Was really good!