Forgot your screen lock pin

Hello everybody. I have with my partner unfortunately accidentally entered a pin to the lock screen. Since I have trottel not record the number, now threatens the termination of my girlfriend. The device is a Medion p8502 tablet. Have already read a lot and tried a lot to get it to factory settings. Either it comes in recovery mode, the dead man with the Notice no command so that I can also select or nothing but when I use the plus button and the power button, the tablet anmache all in Chinese. Bought it was at Aldi. Can someone help me please. It would be very great and nice and the one who would be in my heart forever. thank you in advance

Sorry, you will get no help on this topic here.

Hi Dan Garde!

We can not answer questions because of forgotten / too often inputted unlock and forgotten passwords.
can not be clearly established on a forum if you are really the owner / in the phone.

A tip for the future:
To increase your chances of success in terms of the restoration of your account, it is to exploit as many ways as possible is important.
Google now has to at some options that you can select in the following link. Of course, applies in this case, the more the better! = 2923123&rd = 1

If you that may not help, can you like to have the assistance of our Eric View.

If you do not help these solutions, we can only recommend you to go with your mobile and with your proof of ownership (bill) to a dealer and to unlock your phone there.

That's why I close here now.

Forgot your screen lock pin