Galaxy S3 Neo or S4 Mini?

Which would you take prefer.

Did you accidentally now the Answer button is pressed? Personally, I would pick up the S4Mini at the two.
Or you Schaust you at times to Huawei / Honor, since there are more performance for the price.

Neither one. As written: Price / performance is no longer appropriate. There are now much better for about 150 €.

if only, then the Neo I've also

As updates for both will probably no longer be delivered, I think you have to decide what's important to you.

I would personally, you should only the two to choose from (no idea why, but may indeed be), pick up the Neo, because I'd rather have a bigger smartphone.

S3 Neo

Thanks guys that was the choice for my little sister.
She now has but a Moto G : D

It really is better than the two mentioned Samsung devices ;)