Malware protection in Android: The best app and all information

AV-TEST has again sent 21 security apps for Android through laboratory and faced with some 3,200 malware apps. Two of the protection apps are particularly impressive and one of them is even free. we want to strongly recommend again Sophos. Why do we explain in the appropriate section.

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Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503566 participants?

Malware Protection for Android is a difficult issue. Who always gets its apps from the Play Store and only visited known sites should also be relatively safe without security apps. The Play Store itself is defended by automated tools against pest apps. And well-known sites rely on unobtrusive advertising instead of guns.

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Your privacy on the other hand is thus not protected. Password or identity theft are also possible with supposedly secure apps or via email. Again and again we hear of attacks on apps that millions of people rely (see WhatsApp).

Good security apps will warn you ahead of even against such threats. After all, unlike the familiar Windows Antivirus programs Anti-malware apps in Android can make no real disinfection. We discuss the topic again in great detail.

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The best antivirus apps

  • Sophos Mobile Security
  • Comparison Chart: The can and the cost effective scanner

Whether a security app is good, depends largely on how many well-known or new pests can recognize them. Below we list security apps for Android that have recognized all malware apps in the laboratory of AV-TEST on devices running Android 6.0.1 and struck a false alarm.

AV-TEST is a Magdeburg-based company that tests the effectiveness of security software for over 15 years. Effective Apps will receive an internationally recognized security certification from AV-TEST.

Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

Sophos is the best security app for Android compared. next to perfect protection it offers the most additional features. The highlight: the app is free. The malware protection is based on an online database that checks the reputation of individual apps and recommends alternatives.

sophos antivirus phones de 1Sophos delivers free several security features. / © AndroidPIT

Users of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and new are finally allowed to use the Web Filtering again. This is to prevent malware while surfing on mobile websites. Fraud by misleading advertising about can thus be prevented.

sophos antivirus phones de 2Sophos warns of apps with a bad reputation. / © AndroidPIT

The theft protection is also well thought out. It allows for remote control of your smartphone via SMS by others as identified by you phone numbers. Youth protection filters, call blocker and device encryption round out the package.

The app is specializing in safety and without unnecessary Boosting- or optimization functions. This makes it more popular than CM Security or 360 Security in many of its users. Also we can convince most likely Sophos.

Free Antivirus and SecurityInstall on Google Play

Anti-malware apps in feature and price comparison:

Sophos Mobile SecuritySymantec NortonpricedownloadRemote lockingRemote-erasurelocatingblock callsblock SMSScanners / phishing protectionyouth protectionData BackupencodingOther features
free€ 30.99 / year
No (only to Android 4.4)No
Privacy aid, security advisor, app protection, AuthenticatorSecurity Advisor

I need an antivirus app for Android?

For Android smartphones and tablets, there are many anti-virus-like applications. Some smartphones are delivered with protection software. But you need this protection, or you can save it yourself? To this end, we have collected important questions and offer explanations:

  • What is Android malware and how do I know if I am infected?
  • Where does Android malware from?
  • Why can not "antivirus"talk apps?
  • Can I protect myself without additional app from malware?
  • How do I remove malware from your phone?

What is Android malware and how do I know if I am infected?

Well programmed malware goes unnoticed. This one must then be identified using one of the above anti-malware apps and provided uninstall possible. Such malware is sleeping on your device and collects data. Or it waits for the command to a large DDoS attack, for which you then shared your smartphone. Or she writes invisibly in the background premium SMS and ensures a high mobile phone bill.

Some pest apps are less subtle. Pave your screen with advertisements full. then taps you on the buttons, the developer of this adware gets a little money and can enrich that.

Where does Android malware from?

A number of readers had never malware on your smartphone, even though they do not use anti-malware app. "Common sense" is the best protection, they say again and again. Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST, tells us whether those apps are at all meaningful.

Apps from Google Play are relatively safe

"If you load its apps only from a trusted source, such as Google Play, you are quite safe."Explains the expert. But what if there is the app in the Play Store but only on another website, it therefore "from unknown sources" have to install? "Once you activated Side-loading, you should use definitely an AV app. This can then test new apps during the installation."

But apps and APK files are not the only gateway for Android malware. Many exciting vulnerabilities, experts have demonstrated by AV-TEST us. In the video you can learn all about fraud on smartphone. There you will not only learn how malware camouflages in Android. You also get a sense of where everywhere hide threats. In addition, you learn how to protect themselves such as in public wireless networks with a VPN app.

Are anti-malware apps effective?

Julian Schütte from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) looks very critical. He says that the active safety systems put only in the Linux kernel and the Play Store. Malware protection apps for Android can hardly be effective if, unlike malware they stick to the rules: They lack a complete access on the system, which would be necessary for a full protection in the style of an anti-virus software.

Christian Funk Kaspersky LabChristian Funk explained that AV apps can clear up infections in Android. / © Kaspersky

Christian Funk AV forge Kaspersky Labs sees it critical. He sees the culprit for poor smartphone reliability, particularly in the smartphone manufacturers and mobile operators. They hesitated out Android updates, would close the entry points for hackers. Take Fortunately more and more manufacturers in the monthly security updates part that creates Google for the three previous versions of Android.

Can I protect myself without additional app from malware?

Are the Play Store or the Amazon App Store app your only source, you are almost certain and does not need a security app. Your Apps refers often from outside, additional protection is highly recommended. But then such an app can only help if you take seriously their warnings. For persistent malware (with root access) can not remove an anti-malware app.

Kaspersky expert Florian Schafroth has betrayed us tips on how your malware detect with the naked eye. The advice largely coincide with what was explained to us in the above video on AV-TEST. We bring together the information and give you the following tips:

  • Allow option in the security settings installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store should you, if possible let off.
  • The moment in which your Android rootet, you must be you aware that your smartphone has been modified profoundly with a third-party software and Google still the smart phone manufacturers can help you with problems neither.
  • Installs updates as soon as possible after they are offered to you. They often include day-current vulnerabilities that are exploited en masse and endanger your device and your data.
  • Lest you through the app permissions. If they do not match the task of the app, feel free to browse for an alternative. If there are none, ask the developer via email for clarification.
  • Pay attention in public WLANs sure to encrypt your data transfer twice. The wireless operator could record your passwords and misuse the data later.
antivirus teaser hero ericIn AV-Test AV apps automatically with malware torpedoed (background). / © AndroidPIT

How can I uninstall malware?

Once infected, you can even disinfect without security app your Android device. How this works, we will tell you in this article:

  • Remove Android Malware: How deletes your pests or adware


If you work a lot with third party sources, can you an anti-malware app offer a bit of extra security. Sophos Mobile Security is the only one who knows all, is completely free and is limited to useful functions. But as mentioned, such app is not necessary for everyone. And if you just have a simple adware infection, you will get rid of them again even without the above apps.

The article was revised content. we have received since the comments contain important feedback and useful information and the discussion so far.

Source:AV-TEST Institute