WhatsApp Backup Restore incomplete

Hello everybody.

I have a problem when restoring the WhatsApp backups after flashing my S3.

Most threads deal with the problem DasBackup not be able to import only - my problem is I can import it - but there are no news ... at first only a few days, now three months!

Background Info:
I back up all my data from the device on my network storage via SyncMe Wireless - of course the WhatsApp folder from the internal memory. (I used to have it with the folder synced, now I add only add - so I have now all backups since the end of January 2015 to the NAS)

If I flash the device, I copy, inter alia, the WhatsApp folder back again, then install WhatsApp and click in setting course Restore.
also works.

BUT: It does not all messages restore !?

When I switched from S2 to S3's, I missed just two to three days - which at that time already gefuchst me, but I can not find a good solution for this, so I thought "What the hell."

Now I am missing after yesterday flashing three months !!! O_o

I tried the courses with WhatsApp Xtract somehow reunite (for example, with this guide from geekbone) - but already the Decrypten I only get error messages (ImportError: DLL load failed:% 1 is not zulõssige Win32 application)

So I once can be output as Excel with 'Backup Text for WhatsApp' me the whole thing - and lo and behold, the newest message appears to be from 20/02/2015. But why?
Then I decrypted with OmniCrypt the database in order to look me in SQLiteAdmin - as I will but frankly not smart of it ... where did the time stamp ???

There are various manuals on how to export the messages to Excel or csv or html, to look at her - but I do not want to have in a different format but they just merge in order to import them back to WhatsApp ...

I thought to myself, I put a new table with ner AutoIncrement ID as PrimaryKey, add all Datzensätze at from all backups and write the table messages with the entries for a group by - and you have all the messages from all backups together again. .. without time stamp but that's pretty pointless.

Someone had the problem ever and perhaps knows a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Sascha N.,

I've moved your thread times in the appropriate area.