iTunes & Android: How your synchronized collection to your music

Do you want to synchronize your iTunes music library and playlists with the Android smartphone? Then you have three options. This we want to introduce here. update: The new method is perhaps the easiest for many of you: Invite tracks from iTunes downloaded and copies the files easily to your mobile.

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What you prefer as a back-up? External private storage cloud or on the Internet?

Choose External memory or internet cloud.

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The methods:

  • Download only, then copy
  • use apps for syncing
  • Unlock iTunes purchased tracks to Google Play Music

Simply download the tracks and then copy

Unlike many other vendors Apple waived in iTunes to prevent illegal copying. If your computer is so authorized for downlaods, your songs are allowed to download. Then you can copy to your mobile phone and play so that the files easily - even without an Internet connection or Apple account.

itunes auth computerAuthorized the computer in iTunes. / © AndroidPIT

You may only authorize up to five unit for iTunes. The authorization can be canceled again on the respective devices. Taking full control to can you at Apple even look up. If your acute needs an authorization, but have no longer available, you can also all devices in one go deauthorize.

Once authorized, the downlaod button is operational. He is a cloud icon with arrow next to the tracks or as an entry in the menu next to the albums.

itunes download buttonThere are two download buttons; once as an icon, even as a menu item. / © AndroidPIT

The download progress will be shown to you both next to the titles as well as a menu that can be opened next to the search box in the upper right in iTunes.

itunes downloads listLoad tracks down alone. You are now in the music directory. / © AndroidPIT

The tracks then land not surprisingly in the Music folder, which is located on a Windows computer in the My Documents folder or the user. The subfolder iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Music You can find the artist, followed by the albums, followed by the tracks. Those are as ready tagged M4A file before and used to play with all players - even in Android. Connects to your phone and puts the folder sake of convenience together. It will look like that:

itunes windows transfer filesBefore copying the iTunes tracks on Android phone Windows warns. / © AndroidPIT

Windows maintains, your phone can not play the tracks and asks Would you like ... before copying to the device convert? Blanked No, just copy, because Windows has no idea what your Android really has it. The tracks can be played very well. The proof with the HTC One M9:

itunes copysuccess proof play m4aThe M4As be played perfectly. / © AndroidPIT

Which directory you used on your smartphone for the tracks, does not matter. Most music apps already scour the complete opening handy storage for music files. The often already existing Music Directory offers soch but to for use.

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Sync Apps

  • doubleTwist
  • iSyncr
  • Sync iTunes

iTunes and Android Sync with doubleTwist

With the free Windows program and the related Android app doubleTwist you can easily synchronize with your Android iTunes library. Invites you first from the doubleTwist website the program for your PC and install it. then Snap up your Android phone and load the app doubleTwist from the Google Play Store.

doubleTwist PlayerInstall on Google Play

doubleTwist for Android is free, available via in-app purchase in the amount of 8.99 euros, following pro features can unlock, but are not absolutely necessary for the synchronization between iTunes and Android:

  • AirSync to synchronize your music via Wi-Fi
  • AirPlay to stream to Apple TV. AirTwist to stream to Sonos, Xbox or PS3 or wireless speakers
  • Podcast functionality
  • Missing album art will be downloaded automatically
  • Equalizer for sound settings

now starts doubleTwist on your computer. It's your choice whether you want to synchronize your Android smartphone via USB or via AirSync with iTunes. I recommend the USB method. Contained not only in the free version of doubleTwist, but it can be done much faster than via WLAN.

doubleTwist syncdoubleTwist: It is recommended that the synchronization via USB cable. / © AndroidPIT

But before you can click on the big Sync Now button, you should first in the system tray of Windows click the right mouse button on the doubleTwist icon and Preferences -> Select Use iTunes library so that doubleTwist accesses your iTunes library.

Click your now on Sync Now, is your entire iTunes music library including all playlists copied to your Android smartphone. Should your collection be larger than the memory of your smartphone, but that is not necessarily the best solution. It makes more sense is there to create a playlist in iTunes that you, for example, "Android" calls and contains only the music that you want to really copy. If you have created the list, changes in doubleTwist easy to Tab Music and select your previously created Android playlist under Playlists.

If the synchronization is complete, you can change your iTunes music from now on with the doubleTwist Player for Android Play and access it. But in other music players it is available, should you not like doubleTwist as a media player.

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doubleTwist android app screenshotYour iTunes music library in the doubleTwist app on your Android smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

iTunes and Android Sync with iSyncr

iSyncr allows you to synchronize your music collection from iTunes with your Android smartphone. First, you load iSyncr on your smartphone. Make your decision is best for the first trial, the terms of time and and is functionally limited, but with this you can try and see if iSyncr comes for you question.

iSyncr: iTunes to AndroidInstall on Google PlayiSyncr for iTunesInstall on Google Play

After that first you load onto your original computer or Mac desktop program from iSyncr downloads and installs it. Now you can on your smartphone start the sync - that works either via WiFi or via a USB connection. Your which playlists to display on your Smartphone can choose. iSyncr also transmits Album Cover.

AndroidPIT iSyncriSyncr / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

iTunes and Android Sync with Sync iTunes to Android

Much like iSyncr the App Sync iTunes to Android works. Here, too, you needed supplies the Android app with the songs of iTunes a desktop client. The procedure is almost identical to iSyncr here. Both apps can also broadcast any copy-protected iTunes files. That is probably with music hardly an issue in movies all the more: Here Apple still uses DRM measures, so that content can not land on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Sync iTunes to android - ProInstall on Google PlaySync iTunes to android FreeInstall on Google PlayAndroidPIT sync itunes toandroidSync Android to iTunes / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

iTunes and Android Sync with Google Play Music

If you do not want to take the smartphone memory your music collection and have no problem for streaming Instead, Google Play Music is still a very good alternative. Google's music service offers you free storage for up to 50,000 songs.

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Invites you to the computer first, the Music Manager from Google shut and then installs it. You have to specify your credit card information to identify your location. This is necessary because the music rights vary by location. Starts the Music Manager after successful installation and report with your Google credentials.

AndroidPIT google play music sony xperia z3 compactWith the Music Manager from Google your stores your music for free in the cloud, and calls on the move from. / © AndroidPIT

Once you have logged in you, the Music Manager asks what you want to do your. Selects music from upload and click Next. In the next step you have to choose where your music is stored. Since you used iTunes, iTunes selects.

iTunes will now be scanned short and in the next step you are choosing not all songs and playlists to upload and clicks one last time, click Next. The first upload can take several hours depending on the size and scope of your music collection, then you have about the Android app from Google Play Music and the Web access to your music collection.

Google Play MusicInstall on Google Play

We have completed the product for the method of simple file transfers to download.