The best file manager for Android

File Manager are standard equipment for your smartphone. Without these helpers you have little control over downloaded data rather can browse at will by the internal memory. We show you here the best file manager for Android, which you keep track of the content on your smartphone. updateThree new file manager added.

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The best file manager: Contents

  • Solid Explorer (new)
  • File Explorer (new)
  • Amaze File Manager (new)
  • Total Commander
  • Astro
  • Explorer

The best file manager: Solid Explorer

With the Solid Explorer we select a new leader: The Solid Explorer has all the important features we expect from a file manager. You have access to the internal memory, the memory card can integrate and there is to connect the Solid Explorer with cloud storage from Dropbox, Google and other option. So so you can make the Solid Explorer to your files headquarters and transfer data between cloud and smart phone back and forth. As another plus benefits the Solid Explorer that it offers an elegant and uncluttered interface, which can not be said of all file managers.

However, the Solid Explorer is not free: The free version is only a demo version that will work 14 days without restrictions. Via in-app purchase you can unlock the full version. Usually, this purchase will cost 1.99 euros, for Black Friday but that costs just 0.99 euros.

solid explorerSolid Explorer / © screenshots: AndroidPITSolid Explorer File ManagerInstall on Google Play

The best file manager: File Explorer

The simply called File Explorer File Manager scores with many features. All important standard functions are included here. People who handle a lot of different folders, is pleased with the split-screen view. To give you two directories at the same time in view. Only a drag-and-drop between the two views is not possible. Also helpful is the ability to view the files last displayed - tedious searches for screenshots belongs to the past.

As with Solid Explorer can integrate your cloud storage. but you have to buy the paid version. Which costs 2.08 euros. Payment is via Unlocker app in the Play Store, which has the advantage that you can share purchase in your family library with your family (which does not go with in-app purchases).

AndroidPIT file manager file explorerFile Explorer / © screenshots: AndroidPITFile ExplorerInstall on Google PlayFile Explorer (Plus add-on)Install on Google Play

The best File Manager: File Manager Amaze

Open source friends should be happy with the Amaze File Manager: The File Manager is free, but provides full access to local files on the smartphone or tablet. Of course, you can manage your memory card with Amaze. There is also an app manager that allows you to manage your applications back up or you can uninstall. With the integrated FTP server you can exchange files with other devices on the local network.

While Amaze File Manager is according to the developers in beta, but in our test the app made a solid impression and not crashed.

amaze file managerAmaze File Manager / © screenshots: AndroidPITAmaze File ManagerInstall on Google Play

The best File Manager: Total Commander - File Manager

Total Commander - file manager may be familiar with many already in its desktop version. Users appreciate this file manager due to its ease of use and the many settings in the file manager. These advantages also has the Android version of Total Commander.

Especially the possibility to open two windows side by side and to manage the data from there, is a useful function. This is especially happy users who want to transfer photos to an external memory card, for example. Other benefits include easy integration into cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and the option to display the directory history.

The only weakness of the file manager for Android, that the design is not very attractive.

Total CommanderTotal Commander: No beauty, but very functional. / © AndroidPITTotal Commander - File ManagerInstall on Google Play

The best file manager: Astro

Another leading candidate, who was rated by over half a million users, Astro is. It is much easier put up as the notorious ES File Explorer and can be set up much faster. Just who want to integrate cloud storage, this can be done quickly and easily at Astro.

astro sort files deEven with Astro your order brings into File chaos. / © AndroidPIT

When Android file manager Astro a handful were solved things interesting. These include the search function that intuitively allows one to access the global search; no matter where cloud storage can be found of the term, it is presented in a uniform result collection; of course by location. The first facility of Astro goes quickly out of hand.

astro copyfiles thumbnails de(Not direct) copies files from cloud to cloud and invite Dropbox thumbnails in an instant. / © AndroidPIT

Which negatively noticed some file managers, was the long charging time of thumbnails that allow a quick preview of the photos. So you often have to wait several seconds, until you get a picture of more information than the little meaningless file names like IMG_20150610_235013.jpg. Astro was sometimes faster here. Astro is like to hang if the response times of the connected servers are long especially in conjunction with cloud storage. A feedback as loads would have been desirable.

ASTRO File ManagerInstall on Google Play

The best file manager: Explorer: The Minimalist

You can dispense with the whole cloud overhead and just needs a tool that does what Android innately can not do, namely create Zips, move files and search through directories? Invites you to shut Explorer and you get exactly; no more and no less. The Explorer will cast you after opening to the root directory of your smartphones, which certainly could act as a deterrent for newcomers. Usually found only in the / sdcard / directory folders (DCIM, Music, Movies), which are relevant in the users everyday.

android explorer main files deThe Explorer does hide, how good he is. / © AndroidPIT

The plus button at the bottom then reveals new cloud and view options, adding more tabs. These include either the root or any other directory or a directory from a Windows or SMB share or a cloud storage, the app you installed your. Features for analyzing your memory allocation omitted, which is to get over because your principle exactly already found in the Android settings under Storage these tools and not really app for this is necessary.

android explorer new tab deFills the Explorer with your tabs and designed it around at will. / © AndroidPIT

With prolonged use, the Explorer turned out to be very chic app because you can adapt his design, so that even Live Wallpapers are visible behind the transparent interactive app. The tab navigation between different views is proving to be more successful than the other file explorers for Android.

ExplorerInstall on Google Play

What File Manager uses your? Or did your smartphone preinstalled a good file manager? Give us your tips in the comments!