Asus ZenWatch – transfer contacts

Hi, there, there's a way to transfer the contacts from the smartphone to the ZenWatch? In the Phone app, the clock only the contacts appear to me that I have called recently.

Have the same problem .... If a solution grateful.

Hello Elsi,

have the solution for the "problem" found itself:-)
If I wipe on the home screen of the watch to the left twice to get into the contacts app. Here I see only the last called contacts.
but if I go to the phone app, I see all contacts.
I have now set my phone app on the bottom button.

In the phone set I have all the contacts. However, I have such. B. "Müller, Hans" under "Hans Müller" stand. Even the name can be seen in some contacts on the clock. Somehow, because what does not fit. And I have no way to set the contacts in the Asus app on the smartphone and the Android Wear app.

Look on your phone if you have registered with the contacts first and last name in accordance properly.
Then it should be all displayed correctly.

Accordingly is deposited.

As described above, I z. B. Hans Müller deposited with Last name: Müller first name: Hans

Displayed it gets on the clock under "Hans Müller",

Some contacts are deposited only by their first names in the watch and are displayed only by their first names even though the name is stored as the top of the phonebook.

I unfortunately do not know at what could be the problem ...