Wiko Getaway – Display black + unit will permanently re

Today when I used my new Wiko Getaway and an app that I had previously installed, started, my screen went black. I have the phone off and switched on again, the black screen remains. Now comes the second problem: Ever since I turned it again, it will start permanently new. :(

I have a loose connection?
Can I use the phone to send back (online purchase)?

Many thanks in advance

sit it out factory state back

Is yes if the screen does not work and it restarts all the time.

Hey, you have now found a solution to your problem?
Today I get the wiko getaway and have been to about 10 minutes using exactly the same problem as you described ...
Will the phone probably send it back if no solution can be found.

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Ham is now also returned.

Which app was it with you?
For me the game wars "Minecraft PE"

Minecraft Pe running with me already without problems since September. Strange… :?

Because of a game you have the phone sent back?

Ne start after the app was probably the screen goes blank, unresponsive and the unit continuously restarts :?

So I have no Minecraft downloaded. I have a file with my contacts downloaded and then the screen went black.
The mobile phone has then repeatedly restarted until the battery was empty. And even during the constant rebooting the display remains black. then did it again charged to see if it works normally again the next day. the phone then immediately wanted to factory settings and the moment it started again, display black and so long up and down down to a few hours later the battery was empty.
Must therefore not related to the app I think. This is probably any software errors or has gone wrong thing in production. My phone was new and the display's turned black after 10 minutes use.
I'll send it back.