LG G2 – Microphone does not work .. use speaker mode?

As the topic name already clarifies, does my microphone for calls, for some days not, however, the speaker mode continues, properly. My opponent understands me still, but very quietly, finally almost not at all. My G2 is not rooted, especially now also reset several times, but without success. It seems to me extremely illogical that the microphone does not work for calls, the speaker mode, however, but ..? .. What the cheese? .. How to find the net, said problem is quite common, however, I found so far still no solution in this regard. Perhaps can one help from you to me? That would be nice.


Available, but I doubt that the problem can solve it. As I said, said problem is quite common in the network. The error should, so at least my guess is located on the software side? Speaker mode is running, running sound recording, only the microphone for calls not ..

Turn times the hotword detection on Google. Did the "ok Google" activated only for the app and not from anywhere.
Since then can again understand it myself during a call.

No, that unfortunately leads to no solution.

Are you another app installed on an ongoing basis, or can be accessed on the microphone for telephone calls?

As I said, I have the G2 already repeatedly reset and immediately without installing just any app, place calls that continue the microphone practically did not work, except the speaker mode. For me, as I said, absolutely inexplicable what the problem might be the hell .. A physical damage has indeed ruled out, as the microphone so well works, in that it should be a software bug that is present even after resetting the G2? .. I do not the Peile then another.

Why the problem should not be solved on the guarantee itself? If the error, the device is reproducible send a yet ....
My G2 had display bleeding and got it Saturday Sent Monday it was there Friday us with new display with me again. There is something going fast

The G2 has two microphones like most devices. So it's possible that your recordings you made on other than the supposedly broken have been received.
Send it in. The error is fairly certain fixed and then you have your rest.