Huawei P8 – Memory Cards &. mobile exchange

I hope I'm in the right forum though my question is more general.
Still, it's not that far, but slowly I'm thinking about a new mobile.
So far I have a Samsung S4 and stood now, I'd choose a Huawei P8.
In S4 is a 16GB memory card, in the future I would probably want to install a 64GB card.

My question here is whether and how do I, so that they are correctly identified on the Huawei and integrate the data of get a card to the other?
Is that possible without advanced knowledge of the appropriate folder structure at all?

The S4 is my first smartphone, my knowledge of Android are more than that of a regular user.

Thank you: o)

Which data is talking about?

...when it comes to pictures and music, ranging copy-paste, so from the old to the computer and then again. Alternatively, you can do it via dropbox or other cloud services. In whatsapp it is more challenging because you should go out to the FAQ's, as is well explained. Scores is another issue again because you have a few cracks provide assistance in the forum.

Thank you
I think my question mainly on music and photos.
Contacts, appointments, etc., are so backed up on the Google cloud.
If WhatsApp is empty, which is manageable, only one in a few groups I want to stay.
Scores I have none.
There are a lot of automatically created photo albums as the mobile camera, Facebook, screenshots etc.
Of course I want to copy any unnecessary garbage with.

If you have a PC you copy your files to the PC and then on the other card.

In whatsapp you do a backup and copying the whatsapp folders / databases to your new phone.

Whatsapp puts his folder in principle in the internal memory, thus has to do with the SD nothing.

Where the groups whatsapp stores I do not know if you're lucky then also in the files under Databases.

Matze, you thread hunter, I've written but before!


Matze, you thread hunter, I've written but before!


The membership of the group is saved by WhatsApp yourself, so you stay in your groups.

thank you guys
As I said, I am familiar with Android and seem to myself just something stupid.
I looked straight to their own files.

SD Card Details:
379 folder
1 file

Device Memory Details:
91.3 MB
1336 folder
180 files

but this result is somewhat poor, because I have saved over 9 GB of music and can play them too. But I watched a lot of folders, in the end almost all are empty.
Also I can not find the file manager the many videos and photos and especially the music.
Where can I find all this stuff anyway?

I see it right that the folder structure within the various Android devices is the same and the copy of the SD card, therefore, should not be a problem?

Nice day people :-)

Yes, the folder structure on the SD is the same.

Photos are usually folder in DCIM, but could be in the internal memory.

After the music you should again looking for is not that is also in the internal memory.