1 & 1 – E-Plus – Quality and Summer Special

Hello everybody!

I want to ask here if anyone can say from experience that the quality of the E-Plus network at 1&One is just as good as at Aldi Talk?

Furthermore, I am interested in whether the Summer Special is only valid for 24 months, or as long as the contract expires?

Thank you

Moin Stephan,

I can not imagine that there will be differences of me. Since both are indeed the same network on the go. Whether it is technically possible priorities for one or two operators to set I do not know. In the following link you can check your coverage in the E-Plus network.


The reception quality also depends on the used phone. I live in the Ruhr and have in one&1-E network to the LG G2 almost constantly a very good H + channels. My decommissioned iPhone4s had the same network more problems.

The summer special is of course consist moment during the term of the contract. This lasts 24 months. So I do not quite understand your question. When renewing a contract, you can re-make up your mind, of course. any new "specials" there constantly. The tariffs are developing so constantly. What is now presented as a best-value, is in two years may already "normal",

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I have with E-Plus, Aldi Talk also almost anywhere H / H + reception in the Osnabrück region.
At work I have with E-Plus reception while D2 users can make calls maximum inhouse.

Priorities can sit down and be set. That's why I'm asking explicitly for.

But what you write makes me at least courage.
I have become increasingly more satisfied since 1998 in the E-Plus network and in recent years.

The offer of 1&1 attracts me, I must admit. Aldi Talk, it is sometimes idle the 1 to 1.5 GB, I need to book.

Curious if someone describes his experiences.


If you ever not come with your selected data volume, did you ever need each 500 Mbyte longer possible for 4.99 € 500 Mbyte zuzubuchen.Solltest you, will cost € 2.99, and you know this "Extra-MByte" terminate can monthly.

After the first 4 weeks you will, let's see how far you get there with your selected data plan. Then, a free adaptation of the contract is still possible. Free of course, that a tariff change does not cost anything means. The tariff will obviously increase if necessary.

Hello I have the same from one&1 and can only say it makes no difference, have indeed still ne per contract where I was only in the D network, but because the connection at home was so bad I changed into e plus power and now the reception is a lot better ,

Can it get you so calm ;-)

Thank you.
This helps times per 1&1 on.

Otherwise, even the magenta M came to me in the head.
Does it make sense to put on LTE and to better network coverage or I was already todsuggeriert of advertising?

You can feel the difference between LTE, 21.6 mBit / s and my 7.2 mbit / s at all in normal practice (email, apps, here and there something Video) or volume of data important?

Before I commit myself for years again two years I will insure myself happy.

Maybe you have as mental suggestions that further bring me here.

Thank you,

Since the lte coverage anyway is still very low, it is insignificant and for your requirements described enough H + H completely aus.Da eighth but rather on the amount of data.