Kazam: Ex-HTC employees set up their own smartphone brand

That HTC is currently not slightly, is no secret. A few weeks ago we reported on the problems of the Taiwanese, weak sales and employee loss bother the manufacturer. Two former HTC employees have now made independently with its own smartphone brand. The first units are to come this year.

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The HTC One is a success for the Taiwanese people in sales, the One is located in the US current reportedly just behind the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4.Trotzdem tear the reports about problems with HTC not decrease. While the group has to contend with employee loss, there is now a first sign of life from former HTC-employees who have turned the group in March the back: Michael Coombes (ex-Head Of Sales) and James Atkins (ex-head of marketing for UK and Ireland) have set up their own smart phone brand called "Kazam". The first devices will come later this year on the market.

The headquarters of Kazam is based in London, the focus of the new brand will be mainly on the European market. Details and pictures of the new smart phones, there are not, according to the manufacturer should Kazam but "stunning design, intuitive technology and robust hardware" are - the usual marketing spiel so. In addition, Atkins, the future marketing chief stressed that Kazam would place particular emphasis on customer support. HTC had been repeatedly criticized for its poor support in the past.

The fact that the two have left the Group in March, already imagine their own business and want to present the first devices later this year, can suggest that the establishment of Kazam long beforehand was planned. But whether good preparation for the start-up is sufficient to position itself successfully in the market?

Kazam faces numerous hurdles, such as Cnet writes. The companies lack the money, the reach, distribution channels and the popularity of the major manufacturers. The market share the big players Samsung and Apple, manufacturers such as HTC, LG and Sony also want a piece of the pie, the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE are pushing with all their might to the front. Mobile operators have with their device selection also has a major impact on the sales of the manufacturers. Where there still remains a place for a small start-up like Kazam?

What do you think, can have Kazam success?
  • I think so, as an ex-HTC-people know both the business and know what they are doing.
  • I'm skeptical, but the focus on the European market is the right approach.
  • Depends on whether they can keep their promise support.
  • The market is very saturated, Kazam so it will have a hard time.
  • Nonsense. Who needs another smartphone maker?
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