Samsung Galaxy S3 – boot loops triggered by Power Button

Hey, I once again nen problem ^^

And my S3 (I9300) began today at noon when listening to music just like on to reboot when I pressed the power button to lock the device. It had for about 3 sec NEN Freeze and then began to restart. Everything else is great, but it overheated much faster. Also, the battery makes currently charging problems. I have already searched the Internet, but there you will find nothing about my "symptoms" fits.
Quick Stats on my cell phone:
International version (I9300)
Stock Android 4.3
No root

I hope you can help me again, thank you in advance : D
LG Fabio

Take first the answers hook away again, you've got the degree only Asked ;)

Tell me details about the charging problems.

First, I would even clean the power button and the USB port careful.

There may both to pollution.

Charging problems can also be caused by faulty cables and chargers.
So both exchange times.

One can, if previous measures did not help by root and flash of Boeffla kernel and associated Boeffla Config App adjust the charging voltage of S3 and thus circumvent invite you to slow.

On the Power button are things will not go that funtionierte properly. As I said the unit has crashed when I pressed him short. Would he come clamp until the dialog for shutdown.

The charging problems are the in between the battery loads extremely slow, or discharges to the cable

I had the thread intends to set answers, but forgot to write a response.
Although I still do not know what the problem is, but when I tried to nem other time again worked the phone wiedrr properly.

Nevertheless, thanks for your quick responses. Will probably about time for NEN new phone ^^

Hello Fabio S.
It is usually in the use over a longer period. As more data is moved. You have two options.
Before you try out what the phone.
Option 1: Settings>accounts>Save and reset>Reset to factory settings.
new flash 3-part software with Odin: 2nd possibility. (Requires some experience with flash forward)
Then it runs again without error. I had the same problems. has not invited and made simple reboot.
May be due to various apps.
I have rooted my S3. Runs like ne first (cool)
If you still want to know what you meld easy!
Most often it is the software side, it simply restarts.
Because the store. Just try out other cable!