So you no longer fall for fake QR codes

When scanning QR codes we have blind faith in the fact that behind the patterns no evil. But you can never be sure. That could change now.

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They stick on many posters, in magazines and on some sites they appear when you hold the mouse over a link to the APK. But the naked eye can not tell whether they keep your promise or lure you into a trap.

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we are working on the assumption you see a fashion advertising on the street, scanning the lottery code listed there and lands on a page that looks like the H&M website. There you typed your e-mail address below to play along and the next day your electronic mail box is full of garbage. Never would you then come to the fact that the QR code may have led to a fake site because someone has stuck a new QR code on the poster. This may sound paranoid, but there is a gap that will surely be used from time to time.

To contrast, to find at least a little protection, Kaspersky has released its own QR code scanner, with which you can read as usual 2D patterns and decipher. As a simple QR code scanner app is even more elaborate than the bar code scanner, which I had previously used. Because in the dark you can switch to the Kaspersky Scanner the flash LED Tell button. When bar code scanner that is only relatively complicated about the settings.

How does Kaspersky QR scanner?

The scanner tracks the following approach: Scan - Check - Open. Once a QR code by the camera of your smartphone is detected, the app checks the information contained therein encrypted. If everything is OK, the page in the in-app browser opens. However, the link leads to a phishing or other malicious page, you will receive a warning. In addition to the Internet address of the scanner also recognizes any text that was encrypted in the QR code, and contact information. The application is to be accepted quickly also capable wireless settings and to connect the device to the network.

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