Doublemill 2 – Mill in modern design – Android Apps in the test

Mill is a classic board games, which you fortunately, unlike many other board games can also implement good for smartphones and tablets. Some even know the game Doublemill, one of the first mill games for Android.

The development studio +1 Labs has the classic now "Doublemill 2 - Mill" missed an unofficial successor. How well this kicks in the test, learn it below!

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Doublemill 2 - MillInstall on Google Play

features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android: 4.1.2

Even the main menu of the game "Doublemill 2 - Mill" like thanks to the good design very well. Here you have a choice of three modes: Challenge, Free Play, Heads Up.

In Challenge mode you play against an increasingly powerful computer opponent who has some clever tricks. Basically, this mode is automatically increased with the difference that the difficulty and you can always continue the game immediately when you start the app, without having to select a difficulty level the Free Play mode.

In the heads-up mode you can on one device against each other mill, which works very well with 2 players.

After the end of a game the gameplay is played back to you, so you can understand your mistakes. Also provides for the playing time and the number of moves until the game was over. This data is also entered in the general statistic you get an overview of your games. Among the statistics include the success rate, playing time, closed mills, the total number of games and the average playing time per round.

The game also has some sound effects, however, the normal sounds that simulate playing in the mill is not as usual, but some are Android system sounds. A modern, refreshing.


"Doublemill 2 - Mill" is a well-made and easy Mill game for Android. Unlike many other board game clone the design is not skeuomorphisch, say the reality is not simulated. Instead, the game looks like a real Android game and so much fun.

screen & service

The developers of "Doublemill 2 - Mill" have placed on design and good operability much value. The entire game is in Holo style, which sounds a little strange once, but in reality looks very good.

The operation of the game is simple if you understand the rules. These can be found (in German) on the menu.

speed & stability

"Doublemill 2 - Mill" runs fast and stable.


"Doublemill 2 - Mill" is free and ad-supported to find in the Play Store. but the commercials bother doing at any point because it does not cover screen content but there appears, there is space for them. Excellent!


Doublemill 2 - Mill in modern designDoublemill 2 - Mill in modern designDoublemill 2 - Mill in modern designDoublemill 2 - Mill in modern designDoublemill 2 - MillInstall on Google Play