WhatsApp copied the most important Snapchat Feature

Makes you prepared that WhatsApp will change his face in the coming days. Have you ever Snapchat used you will be familiar to many of the new. Status messages are no longer plain text, but can create a video or an image containing that deletes itself after a set time.

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WhatsApp is the vile "Only text"Status turn away and instead allow videos and photos as a state. They are visible only to certain friends and encrypted end-to-end. This is at least as seen from the press release of Monday night.

With the leak of WABeta we must make a first impression of the new WhatsApp status:

whatsapp instantThe WhatsApp status gets more bling. / © @WABetaInfo

WhatsApp return with it to the back to what it wanted to be original and explains in his blog entry:

The original idea behind this project was an app that you could tell your friends and family what you just play that way. The news feature was added until months later.

To what extent is the "We had the idea first"would accept argument, was once left outside. Snapchat currently has created the most popular platform to share the current status. That WhatsApp now catches up, was really only a matter of time. After all, Facebook has equipped his Messenger has long been a Snapchat-like feature. Facebook is known to copy its competitors.

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messengervaupdateMessenger can also Snapchat. / © AndroidPIT

After early WhatsApp update your going in no time on the air. Since the WhatsApp status should also can be provided 24 hours a decay time Immitation is perfect. Similar to Snapchat WhatsApp is thus still a little volatile, because the so-held status can never again call - just like in the template.

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Technically, the status of a JPEG, a GIF or a video that You may paint colorful respectively. In the privacy settings you specify who is allowed to see the status. The interface for this is strongly reminiscent of Snapchat and is the first leaks Judging change the interface of WhatsApp quite strong, as the new feature is brought into focus.

When the update finally arrives here in the editorial, we will try it immediately and to report back to us with matching tricks with you. If you have it already, you can send us like to send a screenshot via Twitter and leave a comment if you can find the volatile Whats App Status meaningful.