Samsung Galaxy S5 – How do I set up a VPN to Fritz.Box?

Hello everybody,
I have for some time, the S5 (Android 6.01).
On the Internet I found some instructions I LIKE furnish a VPN connection on the phone. also came from my Fritz box 7490 (Fritz OS 6.83) attached "list" as it should go. I always get the message "Connection Failed",

What parameters / settings may fail me, if appropriate, ???

How does that work with the IP, which is allocated from outside the router? The changes so constantly.

I say ever
Thank you very much

Hello Bastian!
I've even allowed your title suit.
Please pay in the future a meaningful title.
I also remove your screenshot as there the PW your VPNs to see
, that is not beneficial.

Then your password change in any case. Who knows how many have read it.

Hi Bastian,
as your question is worded, you have to set up homemade probably (almost) right. Otherwise the stands perfectly described on the AVM help pages. An important question first. Did you award a provider of still genuine ip4 addresses? If not, it looks relatively poor. I, as a UM cable customers have currently no chance of a VPN. Did you, however, an IP4 address so there are solutions in principle. 3
1.) you configure the mail delivery of the box and lets you send a daily email with the current IP
2.) you use the MyFRITZ service to the box over the MyFRITZ to achieve name
3.) you use a DynDNS service provider and also tune to the Fritz box. An example is e.g.

I use VPNCILLA, very reliable. Combined with BoxToGo I have everything I need. Although configuration takes a little longer, but it is incredibly stable! ��������

I also use VPN with 7490. As a DynDNS service, the AVM own MyFRITZ offers. Works perfectly.

Hello Pascal,
I've got a pure understanding question to you.
On the screenshot is I have inserted after the dot "Surname" "freely selectable", The "freely selectable" not a real name or password, is obvious.

at "Type" is my type. The guy is right. I think if the guy is wrong, it does not work.

Behind "server address" IP would be that I would submit there. I have given only the path to the IP address. So here is also not true.

Behind "IP Iden" is my name. Well well I Bastian hot one here knows if you look at my profile.

Behind "IPSec Key" stands "the answer my Fritz box", So nothing real ...

So up here I have my knowledge divulged to any passwords or logins.
Under the point "building connections" and is only "basti" and "Password of the user"
So no passwords to do so.
I have therefore no guilt consciously betrayed anything here to me.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

best regards

Hi Bernard,
Thank you for your answer.
I've created a myfritz- account. Now I must "just" yet my phone to say the same thing.
Question is how ???
I have just started here to read the posts or to answer.
Maybe I'll find below my answer after "how does it work" and "Where" Is that possible.

Greetings Bastian

Hi Daniel,
you first have thank you for your help.
Since I have no DynDns or similar ...
Is this also the "myfritz- account"??? Do you know anything about that.

The described end in the video sounds quite simple, but put into action .... will certainly come a Herausvorderung ....
Would be glad of you again to read, how far the settings with the "myfritz- account are.

best regards

Hi Daniel,
i.e. I use instead of my DynDns "MyFRITZ"- account ????

Greetings Bastian

Jup, allows you to login to a and choose from your router. You then see your address and it comes in the said field.

Hi Daniel,
I guess that my on the phone "server address" spits in the soup ;-(

Maybe it's the settings with the DynDns .... ????? (Thinking) :'(

supi here would be a great guide that makes the whole with the MyFRITZ account

Greetings Bastian

It's been so long with me that I have set up VPN access. but I can show you what it looks like to me:

Fritz box surface:

Internet->MyFRITZ! Account


Internet->Clearance>Fritz! Box services


At point Internet>Clearance>DynDNS is registered nothing with me:


My smartphone and tablet it looks in each case as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S5 - How do I set up a VPN to Fritz.Box?

Bastian, you have not answered my initial question. Did you real IP4? In DSLite is displayed although an IP4 address, but reachable from the outside is not. And therefore there is also no VPN.

And that is the AVM side I had nciht still linked above. Since you can not go wrong.

Hi Daniel,

It works..... :) : D (fishing rod)
I have downloaded both videos of you and have watched it three times. after a "Miss" I had already had almost no desire. It is as "would like" Keksperte been a real hard nut to crack. One must truly superior with DynDns, passwords, etc. Fortunately, the Youtube video Locally stored and can always be paused ... Whaaaat lucky ;) ;)
In the last attempt grade level, I thought, "that's NEVER", But when I pressed combine, actually came "connected" and the key was to see how in the second video, too.

Freu : D : D : D

Have you a thick Dankeschöööön again

Greetings Bastian

Hi Daniel,
slowly I'm a megalomaniac here ;)
Running here to be very extremely well already (Laughing)
The only thing, however, is a little nerft me, my phone very often severs the connection. It seems to me before it's every 3-4 hours .... so regularly ....
then what I do:
"settings" after "VPN" Search and reconnect.
If you in your mobile phone: "VPN" top right presses the three points, "VPN always on"Comes following message "For an ever switched on a VPN IP address for servers and DNS is required", Whatever that even now hot. The Myfritz- account directs it. ???????

Are you again 'ne hot great idea for me ???

best regards

Sorry, I do not know. But you can put on the homescreen you a setting link to the VPNs.

Hello Treophil,
do you have any sites or manuals for the VPNcilla ???

It runs on my phone, BUT my phone "forgets" ALL 3-4 hours the connection that I have set in Settings / VPN. One must then go exactly there, in order to reconnect, and nerft on its products.

If you in your mobile phone: "VPN" top right presses the three points, "VPN always on"Comes following message "For an ever switched on a VPN IP address for servers and DNS is required",
I have a Myfritz- account.
It's just very modest to connect every back again.

Are you ne great solution for me ??

Greetings Bastian