Disable display overlay is not found in the list.

Can you tell me where I can find this setting in the list. Bin camouflaged really desperate to. Thank you

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Hi Volkan,

I find that with me in the settings / apps when I click on the gear.


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Hi Andy, was just that, and none of this app is called overlay

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you can overlay exactly at this point (lower screenshots) then (= about other apps Show) completely (de) activate or per app or switch on or off.

Ah okay. I had assumed that there is an app that has this name and I have to clear it.

Have now set all apps on disabled that were possible. And now it works.

Thank you for helping �� ��



I have a similar problem. Show on the menu item over other apps I had already come, but I only contribute a few apps are displayed. Most of the apps is not listed, so I can not make any settings here. Is it possible to include in the list of the apps anyway?

Best regards

How do you do that because that you disable the completely?
I've got only the following points:
- View system processes
- App Einstell.zurücksetzen

Then nothing

Because you have to completely turn off all apps or just that I think are necessary ... because I can do what I want it works nix :(

Now I have (70 years female) also the problem with the
I'm SORRY with your previous answer not :-((

I ask for help.

LG Moschti

I can, for example, do not send more images, and no more open in Whats App :-((

Have just tried everything on my Smarthphone, I then
Apps reset and suddenly you go again. JUCHHUUUUUUUUUUU1 !!!!
Do not ask me how I did it !!!!
I will soon invite NO new update more down !!!!!!
Greeting Moschti

Hello Moschti,

Welcome to the forum (*)

several post succession is seen as pushing, this is not welcome here.

Once you have forgotten something in your post, you can add your contribution accordingly edit again.

I have found a simple solution to the problem. Simply the settings openable and all on "No" sat.

Had it even, CleanMaster have uninstalled and then we went back.

I come with all this is not clear, and I have all the uninstalled apps, received under Apps but I can still not send voicemails or more or pictures .... so ein mist this new system update .... also I can if I put my phone to the computer no longer connect access all folders as before ... grrrrr
Then can someone for Huawei P8 Lite instructions, step by step for disable this display overlays give you ... I do not come clear
L, g to all

WhatsApp and threema also annoyed me by pointing "Display Overlay" turn off, which I did not find.
The reference to CleanMaster was absolutely right with me. After uninstalling all settings could be made.
Thank you


for me it has helped to Settings / Display and background / One-handed operation / Side keypad "out" to set. I had activated the keypad side from the start and the field is located above the display ...

Must be deactivated again with changes of all apps is stupid, but it works.

Close simple apps. Often you have too many open apps. Then it should work.

Hi. I can not Find my s7 edge.
Have also the message with the display overlay and need the app urgently.
Another tip?
LG Ria