When you press the Home key, “the process was stopped com.android.systemui”

Hay I are recently a problem and although when I hold my home button press to the applications comes close "the process was stopped com.android.systemui" and my phone locks itself. And a virus it can not be I've watched Have
Please help me to solve the problem

Hello Trool4You

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Thank you I thought that I was just a small set to write sry

Since you can only seriously influence ... I recommend you reset the device. But back up data before!

Which. Data I need for everything
to back up?

Everything you want to keep eg images. The Phone is then as empty as the first day.

How safe am the pictures? And videos?

Is there another way?


How safe am the pictures? And videos?

store card or Cloud PC, Micro SD

Contact I'd google with secure

Hello Trool4You

I just on my s4mini the same problem as you.
For me it's like this: if I screen vertically hold the comes the same error message as with you. I cant, however, the cell phone 90 degrees to the right, then I can as usual close my applications. Nevertheless, there remains the error message as long as I keep my device vertically. But probiers but also turn times with. I'll cross my fingers for you.


which actually device?

I use the S3 neo

Hey I also have the s3 neo and with me the same problem has occurred please help from today :) !

Have the same problem since today. but must be an automatic update?

Just now solved!

Dear people, Google's latest update caused the problem. Play Store -> Google typing in the search -> Uninstall. Is the latest update gone, the home button should work again and as usual display the recent apps on prolonged pressures. I wish you success!

Super thanks
The variant cross-keeping help temporarily and
uninstall the version Google has helped permanently.

have for today and the s proplem 3 neo

whether it's up to systhem all on the same day

and when can I googled again?

Have been a few days the problem. After your help it is now. Battery was empty soon. But interested when I install Google me again or should. Thank you

tip-top .... thanks for this info!
Helped me a lot ...