Internal memory: .thumbnails

Can someone please tell me a time declare very stupid. got the info that Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

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On this page is how it should work. Although is in English and no longer that of all the newest items but better than nothing. I have not tried it yet because I want to first make a backup of my cell phone. Mfg Anrolfi :)

ok I look the same times

Whatsapp creates these files
At least that I noticed after I sent a picture in whatsapp that the newly created thumbnail file

Not WhatsApp creates the file (s) but the Androidfunktion, which is responsible for selecting the images. Whether that is now called from WhatsApp, Hangouts or elsewhere.


I have the same problem as Walt. Folder (.thumbnails) deleted and recreated. The files are not reinvested, but say both the system and FileCommander that I do not have more free memory than before. :(

Does anyone know the phenomenon?

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You have to keep watching where the memory is wasted. If it were not the thumbnails, it is elsewhere. Tools for there is enough .... e.g. Disk Usage or the SD analysis in ES Explorer.

Before deleting good 2GB were displayed in FileCommander for .thumbnails. Used memory 8.5 GB. After deleting still 8.5 GB of free space. .thumbnails is now 0 bytes. Otherwise, nothing has changed. The next largest directory is android 1.5 GB, but this has not changed.

In FileCommander can sort all folders by size.

Supplement: reboot has brought nothing.

Supplement 2: I just see that in the I created directory now .thumbnails yet again a file named .thumbdata3 -..... with 766 MB was created (previously there were two files, each with more than 1 GB). So quite the solution does not work.

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