solve problems like a professional: Safe Mode in Android

If your smartphone no longer want, how you want, that's no reason to despair. Often, one hand is enough to get the error to the track: Safe Mode in Android is an important tip that has worked wonders even at one or another smartphone. Here we show you how to activate it and beneficial uses.

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You know the problem maybe: Your smartphone from one day to the next a much shorter battery life than before, it constantly overthrow certain apps from or performance is lower than before. Or it constantly appear strange banners that have you previously never seen. All this is an indication that a rotten apple is among the apps that you have installed recently. To find out if it really is an app that spoils the fun smartphone you, you should your smartphone in safe mode restart.

What is the Safe Mode in Android?

Safe Mode, or Safe Mode, as he is called at Samsung, is a special form of the restart of your smartphone. It will be launched here only apps that were already installed from day one on your smartphone. All games, music player, malware apps and so on are suppressed and may not start.

This is handy for two reasons: Firstly, you can now see if your battery life, the pace of work or the stability of your smartphones now are noticeably better. Secondly, you can now uninstall any apps that stood out to you before disturbing your smartphone have made inoperable or that had prevented some reason that you uninstall them.

enable and disable Secure mode at Samsung

Samsung smartphones, there are two ways to activate the safety mode on or off. As we complete list of equipment exists that can be booted using one of these types in the Safe Mode, you must unfortunately try both ways. Type Number one is to hold as long as when switching on the device the volume down key until you have to enter your PIN. And then you should already see how to recognize it in the screenshot below the shaded banner in the bottom left corner. This method works tend to be younger Galaxys. You can disable the safety mode on those Samsung smartphones by simply restarts it.

safe mode galaxy s5 deIn Safe Mode only a fraction of your apps is ready for use. / © AndroidPIT

A little more complicated, the Safe Mode in Galaxy smartphones of older generations handles. In an S3 Mini as you activate the Safe Mode by tapping several times the capacitive menu button that hides invisible left of the home button. And to deactivate the safety mode on old Galaxys, you must once again tap several times the invisible menu button during a restart. Only then you have again access to all your apps.

Safe mode in Sony Xperias

Sony You have to start the safe mode two ways. One is identical to that in the new Galaxy's: Keep the volume down button is pressed at the start, until you see the home screen. The other alternative is that you pressed the power button with an enabled device and long taps off until you are asked whether you want to start in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode in Nexus and most other Android smartphones

Since the Nexus smartphones are considered the showcase in Google's idea of ​​Android, your behavior on Safe Mode in Android is indeed a template for all other Android-based devices. Option 1 we know from Sony: Hold the power button of your switched smartphones pressed until the menu appears and then hold off button until you are asked to restart in Safe Mode. Option 2 is a bit of difficult than Sony, since Google has the Leister button reserved for invoking the bootloader menu. But if you turn on your phone and to the Google logo waits and from then hold down the Leister button, you will be greeted by the safe mode very soon.

The same behavior for Option 2, it was found with the HTC One M9, in which case, logically, the HTC logo is visible instead of the Google lettering.

My Android is in Safe Mode. What do I do now?

Since you can not start your Apps on Android in Safe Mode, it is of course your suggestion, as soon him it's back to leave. But first we want to go your problem on the ground, because of that you have started this accursed mode. So we look in the Play Store and touch there in the menu on My Apps. Under Installs you can see the apps you most recently installed or upgraded you had. If you ever suspect that one of them could be the culprit, you select them and then tap on Uninstall.

safe mode play store deLooks to the recently updated apps, because sometimes hidden there the culprit. / © AndroidPIT

If you are completely clueless as none of the apps listed is suspect, then your smartphone let run for a while in Safe Mode. Telephone, SMS and browsing in this mode is easily possible, solely on WhatsApp You must then do without. Because if it turns out that your smartphone does not run even faster or more economical even in Safe mode, your problem is not solved such assistance. Then it may be necessary that your empties your system cache, and how to do that, we show you an example on Nexus 6 in the following article.

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