APK installation: parsing

Hello dear forum

I have developed an app with Android Studio, which I want to give to a friend.

The app I've been using "Generate Signed APK ..." signed.
The .apk file I copied to my smartphone (CM13).
The option "unknown sources" is activated.

If I want to install the .apk file, the error message "parsing -
Parsing the package was a problem."

An installation using adb (adb install xxx.apk) is successful.

What should I do so that I can install the .apk file without Google Play goals?


Stop it with the SignedAPK times.
Activate the debug mode in the phone and hang it via USB to the PC.

Then the app try directly from android studio out to install (with Run or Debug)

I enabled debug mode and the smartphone via USB connected to the PC.
Installing and starting the app on the android studio work.

Is that enough to you?
If not, then only your install app and then install the APK.
Otherwise, there are signature errors that appear as parsing

No, unfortunately not enough for me :(

I want to send the .apk file someone.
An installation based on the .apk file results in the error message "parsing ",
Therefore can not install my friend the app.

Can you somehow find out what is the cause of Parsingfehles by a logging?

You could test, the apk_debug schicken.Wenn your friend does this with you, it should do with him.

But the apk_debug.apk not working already with me :?
... and APK's should be yes, at least signed, so that they can be installed on a smartphone (without android studio, adb, etc.).

At least that should work apk debug, which is exactly the nämlcih which created AS you during the build and airs on device.
Do you have the "old" App times completely your installed and then tried the APK?

The old app is completely uninstalled.
The file "app-debug.apk" I copied into the download directory.
Then I tried using the ES File Manager, the "app-debug.apk" to install.
Unfortunately, always comes the error "Parsing ..."

I'm really at a loss (Thinking)


I have found the solution. :)

As described in the first post, I have installed on my smartphone CyanogenMod. 13

the SystemApp "Package Installer" have under Marshmallow rights from it:
Permissions: Storage

1x new boats and the apps can be installed wonderful.


Wow, thanks for that answer. (Hug)

Yesterday I my Nexus 5 raised with CyanogenMod from scratch and then settled as described here any more APKs install. This tip was worth gold. The installation started after the granting of the right way, without rebooting.