Google Play Store does not work: It helps against problems

Even the Google Play store sometimes has problems and does not work. Packages can not say what it is in each individual case, though. But there are some things that you can take your case to the Google Play Store does not want to work on your device. We have collected more assistance for you who should create the problems of the world.

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  • common problems
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    • checking space
    • Is Google down?
    • Check Internet connection
    • Setting the date properly
    • restart
  • repair Google Play Store
    • clear cache
    • Uninstall Play Store updates
    • delete data
  • repair Google services
    • Google Play repair services
    • Enable download manager
    • Remove Google account and re-add
  • Can not find purchased or downloaded apps
  • Problems with in-app purchases
  • Reset phone

Most issues with the Play Store

There is some evidence to suggest that your Google Play Store is not working. The most obvious clue is probably when the Play Store app will not open. In addition, the following problems can be observed:

  • Downloads do not start / downloads remain at 0%
  • Timeouts occur
  • Google Play depends on "Loading... "
  • Google Play Store crashes just when opening
  • Google Play throws weird error codes

We want to tackle the problems at the roots with you. Here are the tips we collect:

Google Play Store is not working: First steps to solve

Enough memory?

Google Play requires that at least 500 MB of memory are free. So the problem occurs for no apparent reason, so you should once in memory management (adjustments > Memory) look and optionally delete content from your internal memory.

google play store does not work problems memoryGoogle Play requires at least 500 MB of memory / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Is Google down?

No internet service has a hundred percent availability. Sometimes it hooks easily and problems arise. This also happens with the Google Play Store. Therefore, just have a look, if it really is up to you - for example AlleStörungen. Here are several current fault messages recorded, so you can assume that it is not because of you but to Google. Our advice in this case is: short wait, the downloads should go.

Slow Internet connection: Wi-Fi and data connection Check

The usual question for computer problems is common: Infected for the cable? transferred to issues with the Play Store: If for the Internet connection? Checks if a browser web pages can display. the browser loads slow? Then probably your Internet connection is slow.

Solution: Switches from WLAN to mobile data network or vice versa. Works it still does not, so it can not hurt to turn on airplane mode for one minute and then go back online.

Setting the correct date

Sounds silly, but can actually be responsible for the problems with the Play Store: an incorrectly set date and the wrong time. So Checks whether the clock of your smartphone or tablet is set correctly. An incorrectly set time encrypting the connection to Google's servers fails, resulting in the Play Store errors.

google play store does not work problems wlan dateThe Internet connection and an incorrect date may present problems Google Play. / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Google Play Store is not working: restart Smartphone

Do you still do not get with these tips in the Play store up and running, so it is now time to start the smartphone or tablet. Often the problems are solved with this measure.

repair Google Play Store

Still not working your Play Store, so more drastic measures are needed.

Empty the app cache

If your Play Store will no longer work, it may help to clear the cache (cache) of the Play Store app. Therein lay Apps from temporary data, but sometimes can there be corrupted files. To empty the cache, you must open the Android settings and then switch to the point Apps. now selects all and searches the Google Play store. Tap on this and pushes empty once the button cache.

google play store does not play problems store data deleteGoogle Play Store: Clear cache / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Play Store: delete data

If the first tip did not help, try it once with the deletion of the Play store data. So that your resets the Play Store. You can find the option again under Android settings > Apps > All. Typed now delete data on the button. The next launch of the Play Store is now out of a factory condition.

google play store does not delete dataGoogle Play Store problems: delete data should help / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Uninstall Play Store updates

Sometimes an update your Play Store upsets. To uninstall this again calls the App settings, look for the Google Play store and operated uninstall the update button. Your Play Store will be reset to the version that was installed in the delivery of your smartphone. The update will be installed again later, but perhaps it will not come in the second trial errors and your Play Store is working again.

google play store does not play problems store updatesUninstall updates the Play Store / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Google Play Store does not work: Check Google services

On your smartphone or tablet running some Google services that can trigger your Play Store problems.

Google Play repair services

If your Play Store still does not work, a clear cache in the Google Play services can help. Going to return to the App management, searches Google Play Services and tap on the button Clear the cache. Here, too, you can delete the data in a second attempt.

google play store does not work play services data deleteGoogle Play services: Clear cache and data / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Enable download manager

Do you have the download manager is deactivated, the Play Store has stopped working. To enable it, go to the Android Settings > Apps > All. Search there for typing download manager and the Activate button. You see instead only the Disable button, I need you at this point not to worry, because then the download manager is already active. You can clear the cache and data to bring Google Play running again even with this app. Incidentally, this service is not available on all smartphones.

Remove Google account and re-add

If the Play Store problem still not solved? Then you should try to re-establish your Google Account. Calls the Android settings, go to account, typed on Google and selects your Google Account. Do you have multiple Google accounts, the account selects which your also uses the Play Store. Remove from now tapping the top right of the action bar on the three points and selects account. Confirms your choice and then start the smartphone again. Adds now your Google account to back. This goes beyond Android settings > accounts > Add account > Google.

google play store does not reconfigure accountRemove Google account and reconfigure / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Google Play Store is not working: Where are my purchased / downloaded apps?

Have you purchased or downloaded apps and can no longer find this? Checks first if you are already logged in with the same account that you have also made the app purchase. That's how it's done:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the menu icon (Hamburger icon) to display the account that you used to date.
  • To change the account goes into the account settings of the Android smartphone or select the arrow icon in the Google Play Store menu to select a different account.

Google Play Store is not working: Problems with in-app purchases

Your extra content for use as in-app purchase have added, it is possible that they are not registered or you do not get the product immediately. Creates a short waiting time does not help, there are other approaches to get the issue on the track. Note: In-app purchases need an active Internet connection and the latest version of the Google Play Store. First step for problems with in-app purchases:

  • Opens the settings on your Android smartphone.
  • Now select the Application Manager (even apps or apps manage called).
  • Selects the app, was placed in your in-app purchase.
  • Typed now Force Quit to close the app.
  • Open the app again and check whether the in-app product is available now.

Did you just reinstalled the app until you can in the application for the function "Restoring purchases" search. Then should incurred but not yet realized reappear in-app purchases.

Be aware that only app developers can not send via in-app purchase items purchased on your account. If the first approach does not help either writes the Google Play support team for a refund or get in contact with the same app developers. So you will find the contact details of the app's developer:

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Searches for the corresponding app in the search box.
  • Select the app from the search results.
  • Now scrolls down to the bottom. There you should find the right contact.

Google Play Store is not working: Reset Smartphone

If all else fails, has helped none of the above tips and the Google Play Store still does not work, reset the smartphone is probably the last way out of the Play Store plight. But while all your data is lost, Therefore, you should definitely before a backup. To reset your phone, open again the Android Settings and go to Secure & reset to default. Now the option selected Factory data reset and confirm your choice with phone reset. Your phone will restart and reset. When the process is complete, you can again set up from scratch and upload your backups.

google play store does not put backLast resort: Smartphone undo / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

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