The best weather apps for Android

Who wants to find out with the help of his smartphone or tablet about the weather, find numerous weather apps in the Play Store. With us you can learn which are the best weather apps and what special features they have. update: Allergy sufferers should use the pollen alarm. All other our new super tip.

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  • DWD pollen-risk for allergy sufferers
  • Weather Timeline: pay, but worth every penny
  • Weather Underground: Preview for the immediate environment
  • YoWindow: Beautiful design, many data sources
  • More Cast: Weather for the entire route; UV data and more
  • Weather warning: Your personal severe weather alert
  • WeatherPro Weather maps like the professionals
  • Yahoo Weather: A lot of info behind a simple design

Weather apps, there are many ...

As already mentioned, the number of weather apps in the Google Play store is large and many applications do not differ significantly from each other. You have - unsurprisingly - in common that they predict the current weather as well as provide an outlook on the weather the next few days. Often, there are still information about temperatures, sunshine hours, UV intensity, storm warnings and more.

You will receive such information in the presented weather apps for Android. We have in the selection but still ensured that they predict correctly not only the weather, but they should have at least one special and especially helpful feature.

DWD pollen-Fefahr: Card for allergy sufferers

You are like me an allergy and want to know how bad tomorrow is the pollen burden for you? The German Weather Service lists the common outdoor allergens in the app and displays them on the map in unterschiedliechen stress levels. I will help them quite well to limit my side effects ranging cetirizine consumption on necessary minimum.

dwd pollenflug dangerWhere the birch threatens tomorrow? / © AndroidPIT

The app is not particularly beautifully designed, but it works and provides the relevant information. Unfortunately, no warnings can be set and the forecast is only for the day. That's just enough to schedule preventive taking the antihistamines for the following day.

Pollen-risk indexInstall on Google Play

Weather Timeline: Best Design, perfectly thought out

You will receive with Weather Timeline by far the most beautiful weather app for 1.39 euros. Be brilliant, by special images or frills, but by stringently applied material design and an intuitive interface.

weather timeline settings widgetDevice settings, Weidget settings (v.l.n.r.) / © AndroidPIT

When setting up your are confronted with the available weather services. This display their readings for your site. So you can equal to check which service is reliable for you. No other weather app gives you this really obvious way of data optimization.

weather timeline overview day detailsList of places Detailed information regarding the location and schedule for the nights day (v.l.n.r.) / © AndroidPIT

In the first step you collect relevant for you places for the soundtrack. I have set in my that the perceived temperature instead of the usual shadow temperature is displayed as it is relevant for me. Blue tile is precipitation, gray tile clouds and a yellow tile sunshine.

go from the screenshots not many lovely animations out that you like with sayings "Look at times the tile on; I'll make you this day 'the Kachelmann" to surprise. The design excited and makes the app really worth seeing. By the way, you have a choice of 13 widgets that you can decorate your home screen.

weather timeline extras easter eggWeather warnings, lunar calendar, time machine. / © AndroidPIT

Weather warnings are of course also ingebriffen. Has your tile a red corner with an exclamation mark, a description of the alert behind it. Let's not confuse you by English Screenshots: The app has been completely translated into German.

weather timeline widgetsWeather Timeline has 13 different widgets. / © AndroidPIT

The Time Machine is as it were the signature Easter-Egg, the Weather Timeline. At the end of each 10-day weather forecast is the time machine "up to year look into the future" can. Selected on the calendar a date and travels with a modified DeLorean DMC-12 in "approximately 88 miles per Stune then", This provides laughs and free publicity for the app with your friends, but of course not for a valid weather forecast.

Weather Timeline - ForecastInstall on Google Play

Weather Underground: The best weather app for your immediate environment

Weather Underground is one of the hyper-local weather apps. This means it can show you the weather and the temperatures in your area. For this Weather Underground relies on its own network of approximately 180,000 private weather stations. Using this database, the app can make very accurate predictions and warns you against rain in the area - mostly located Weather Underground properly.

AndroidPit weather undergroundWeather Underground / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Of course the quality of the predictions also depends on the existing weather stations from - are in a place only a few available, so the quality is of course also lower. Especially in big cities but found enough data sources. You can see where it might be a few degrees warmer in your area on a map in detail. Really exciting, it is natural to see what the weather looks to your destination.

Weather Underground is free but displays advertising, via in-app purchase (1,47 Euro) can be disabled for a year.

Weather UndergroundInstall on Google Play

YoWindow: Beautiful design, many data sources

Those looking for an easy and intuitive weather app, is the right place for YoWindow. YoWindow focuses on what is important: weather information and forecasts. On specialist features such as air pressure or satellite maps You have to do without.

AndroidPit YoWindowYoWindow / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Instead YoWindow shows you a pretty painted landscape or cityscape, allowing a visual view of the weather situation. A simple swipe left or right moves the date to be shown. For a quick look at the weather YoWindow is therefore ideally suited.

YoWindow is free but displays advertising. A Pro version is available in the Play Store for 3.29 euros. This dispensed with advertising. The data comes by the way of either METAR, Weather Underground (see above) or from the Open Weather Map.

Accurate weather YoWindowInstall on Google PlayYoWindow WeatherInstall on Google Play

More Cast: weather app for walkers with UV data and more

Who wants to know how the weather on a particular route, should look More Cast. If you want to know particularly what the weather in the next minutes and hours looks, then More Cast is the best choice for you.

AndroidPIT weather app 1The best weather apps for Android: More Cast. / © AndroidPIT

The weather forecast is not only limited to a city or region, but the app also provides very accurate predictions about the local weather in small and medium-sized cities. In large cities such as Berlin and Hamburg there are accurate predictions even individual neighborhoods.

What else distinguishes the app, are useful features that benefit mainly travelers. For example, the weather app can compare wish the weather of two places together. Users traveling thus know immediately where it is most beautiful. Who wants it more accurately, simply stop by using your live webcam in Barcelona, ​​Rome, Munich and other cities on the globe.

With the weather app More Cast you can watch also learn how the weather on a particular route is. Especially in winter and autumn, this option is useful. Plus points collects More Cast in addition by the elegant design and ease of use. With a few finger movements you immediately have an overview of the precipitation, UV index and more.

MORE CAST Weather & radarInstall on Google Play

Warning Weather: Your personal severe weather alarm app

If you want to predict wind speeds and possible severe weather especially, and also how much and which way the wind blows does, for the warning weather is the best weather app. The data as well as the app come from the German Weather Service.

The simple and clearly designed app shows immediately where there is in Germany a weather alert and is like the weather in your own hometown. The most important feature is the eponymous Warning: Determines personal preferences from which warning level, the weather app to inform warning weather you.

severe weather appThe best weather apps for Android: Warning Weather / © AndroidPIT

This feature is especially interesting for users who are outdoors a lot. Plant it as a marine, then you should previously stop by warning weather because the weather app informs the user very carefully about weather and sea via rivers and the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

warning WeatherInstall on Google Play

WeatherPro: cards like in the pros

WeatherPro has detailed maps and many Funktionen.Sie is unterAndroidPIT readers the favorite. This weather app, readers in our poll with 54 percent in the first place. Comprehensive weather information, there are not only for Germany but for all Europe.

WeatherProWeatherPro: The Tip of the AndroidPIT reader. / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

You can set locations to a favorites list and thus quickly access the local weather. Not quite succeeded is the view and usability of weather maps - here it needs a little training period until the many overlays to open up for the cards.

Some features require the premium account, which is activated via in-app purchases.

WeatherProInstall on Google Play

Yahoo Weather: A lot of info behind a simple design

Yahoo Weather is the best free weather app with an attractive design. But they can do more. More details are hidden in the vertical: Wipes at the picture down, five or ten-day forecast happen and about wind, precipitation, sun and natural temperatures. There are also interactive maps of weather satellites, display the temperature, clouds, wind and air pressure.

Yahoo WeatherThe best weather apps for Android Yahoo Weather. / © AndroidPITYahoo WeatherInstall on Google Play

The article was supplemented by pollen alarm and Weather Timeline. We have removed Swacket since the app had not been updated in four years.