Change Android notification: So it goes

Are you bored with the standard notification and want to replace it with a different sound? No problem, if you know how it goes. And that's what we show you in this article.

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Change Android notification: Change standard tone

There is a standard tone that plays the Android for all incoming notifications, if an app does not use a different tone. If you want to change the default sound, proceed as follows:

  • Opens the Android Settings.
  • Changes to tones.
  • taps Standard sound for notifications.

It opens a list of different tones. Typing on a tone to listen to it and then click OK if you want to take it over. That's it already.

Depending on the version of Android and manufacturer's name for this setting can mean something different, or the selection is in another area. The Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0 (marshmallow) you go, for example, also in the Android settings, then tones & Vibration and click sound notifications.

When Huawei P10 with Android 7.0 you also invokes the Android Settings, then tones and subsequently standard notification.

notification android settingsSo you change the Android notification. / © AndroidPIT

Change Android Benachrichtungston: Change app sounds

Apps like Facebook or Gmail often have their own notification sounds, but also are easy to change. The procedure differs depending on the app something. We show you how to change the notification sound is why the example of WhatsApp:

  • Opens WhatsApp.
  • Click the top right of the three-pronged menu.
  • Tap on Settings and then Notifications.

Now reopens a list of different tones. Selects again your favorite sound and confirms your choice in the end still OK. Finished. You select is not enough? Then her own files adds:

  • MP3 use as a ringtone: Android
notifications settings whatsappSo you change the notification sound in WhatsApp. / © AndroidPIT

Use my Android notification sounds

Of course, you must not be limited to the default notification sounds you, you can also use your own sounds. Closes to your Android phone to the PC, the root directory of the internal memory opens and moves to the folder notifications.

If the folder does not exist, just create it. Copies your notification sounds in this folder and already they are in Android as the standard tones to choose from. It's even easier course with an app like Zedge, which offers you different notification sounds for free download.

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