Error message when you google account creation

Hall oils,

I hope I write here in the right of my concern of the board. I'll times straight to the point: I recently got a smartphone paid, (myself I would never buy me), and after much back and forth, I was able to make this Internet suitable. Now I wanted to WhatsApp (for much more I need the device eig not) create a google account. What I have to use meinm PC maybe akzwptiert (apparently because the account had to be with gmail, mine is at arcor). Anyway, I woltle then create one in gmail, but my name was never available, so I took a Wild life from the list of. And after I (terms of use password, captcha) all iengestellt comes the funny message (and now you please keep proof): ^ 1 is not available

What please is this message, what is it "^ 1"? does that tell you something? On the Internet, I find nothing. I have already tried several name suggestions for the mail, but the result is always the same. I thank you in advance.


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Since your question has to do neither with the support AndroidPIT nor with Android ansich, I have moved times in our café area ;)

What do you have for a smart phone?

Hello charismatic enigma

Unfortunately, I have no solution, but the exact same problem. Maybe my case, can contribute to a solution: My daughter wanted today for your brother you "old one" Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT-S5360 make it clear. New SIM card in, old contacts delete etc. My daughter then probably once performed any update (they no longer know what was exactly). When it was a problem with the Internet connection and allegedly not available Google e-mail addresses at the beginning of registration for the Google account, you have everything to factory settings. Eventually, it then has worked out better, but then joined the other application for the Google account exactly the same effect on how with you. And here we also did not come on ....


Time into it asked the blue:

Do you have any special characters in the user name or password used?

Where you created the account? On the Google website on your PC or smartphone? Snacked on PC?

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Hi Carsten,

in the meantime we had used special characters. I then deliberately avoided in the later experiments. Account creation we have tried so far only on the smartphone. I did not know that you can do the same thing on the PC. Am not so the specialist ... I will try it and then report.

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@ Andy: Thanks :)

@ Android i: Have the slightly older Samsung Galaxy S Plus

@ Carsten: it had tried on smartphone, it will test now times on the PC. And no, does not use special characters. had indeed tried the suggested name.

So now it seems to work. Fridolin, make the PC a google account and if you do this, log in with this one on the smartphone. Thanks to you :)

Fridolin Hip

. I did not know that you can do the same thing on the PC.

Thank you & greeting


Even apps from the Play gates you can with the PC on your smartphone store, just for info.

Hello everyone + many thanks. Also with me seems to have worked it! And learned again what ....

I am desperate, people ...
In the short version:
Sohnemann got my old phone for smartphone entry incl. Apps ...
Was set to factory settings - set (including Gmail), has worked - wonderful!
A few days later, then error message with red warning triangle in the upper right "Google Talk synchronization failed" -
my son has never used, never used, but it was just there.
Only ignored, then the mobile phone spiders began - has unexpectedly Apps and such jokes ...
ALSO: re-set to factory defaults ... one can set up everything again.
To load him all the apps back on it, you need know, first a Google account before you can access a Play Store - so far so good, for he already had one.
Wanted the account log in again and then: Sorry ... PW and name do not match - BLABLABLA ...
logged on to the PC - all right, nothing was wrong ....
In the activities was also indicated that the data has been entered correctly, Google has refused to grant access of cell phones on the account.
Then I entered anywhere that I was the one who tried to register the device ... again attempted to play the same crap!
Activated application in two steps - even that did not work.
Samsung Kies downloaded to update the Android version - PC does not recognize the device.
Tried the Play Store as an APK file to get on your mobile phone, at least Whats app to play it - could not be opened or error in the package ...
It is also not on the device (the Sim loaded in a Galaxy S2 - exactly the same problem)
Also, I tried to enter my address, that does not work ...
For 2 days I made rum, then it was too stupid for me and I've deleted the account to create a new one ....
AND SEE DA: Funzt NOT !!!
I turn through again soon - no matter what I do - I come to nothing more and nothing can do with this phone ...
Instead, I see this message again when you create a new account:

I really do not continue and the help of Google is the purest joke !!!
Please you help me!

Have you ever tried the alternatives offered by Google there? :(

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I have your question appended times on this thread - even here you'll find a sure first approach.

Good Morning,

I hätts not thought: But that mitm Google Account via PC worked - now the Play Store, at least on it and GMail funzt on the old bones again. :)
But the joy did not last long - in an attempt Whats App equal to download flashed instead of a load beam, a server error with a series of numbers and letters on.
Then, the joy was over the recovered Google account ...
...what does this have with the new "error" about?
I had this morning also no more time me to look further into this error - but as I read here, I can certainly not be the only one with this problem. ;)

Ugly technology!

charismatic Enigma

Now I wanted to WhatsApp (for much more I need the device eig not) create a google account.

Only to take advantage of WhatsApp, you would not have you inevitably have a Google account have set. WhatsApp can be downloaded without the PlayStore.

WhatsApp download from the manufacturer's website:

Then "Unknown sources" allowed in the settings and the APK installed, that's the extent already. would be the only downside is that you do not always get automatic updates from WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp itself also has an internal update function, but is very rare to light.

What version of Play Store do you have on it?
If you have a reset to factory settings, you have nämlcih a very old version. The Play Store updates automatically. You have to wait just a bit. The error messages may thus be gone.

I have to register my galaxy Y to factory settings reset and try me in vain at google play
to finally be able to download apps. Unfortunately, it's not to register every time I try stands
Sorry my password or username is incorrect. the voting but not I have it already several times and pc
other smartphones tried everything is correct. To create a new account also fails because whenever
I use the captcha code Enter H at the end of the application and confirm comes back to the beginning again with ^ 1 as user_name is not possible etc.
how can I solve this outer annoying problem?
thx in advance

Why will you log in PlayStore anyway?
The career is after resetting that man checks in with Google.
Or add the settings, accounts, Google Account.

Hello Perun,

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I have your thread attached at times this thematically appropriate thread.

hi I hang myself here once with my turn've since unfortunately the same problem as I indeed already NEN google account via Pc have it works trotzedem nich with the log data in something should inflict on my sony handy. tear'm about to hair can help who?