So you can view the wireless password in Android

You want to easily read the password for the wireless network to the phone? All the financial, Android does not allow. But with a rooted Android smartphone can be read subsequently the wireless password. We show you all the necessary steps.

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Do you want to see on your mobile phone without crawling behind the router password simple? Or did you just read out the wireless password elsewhere no possibility? No problem: With root access you can access the unencrypted conf file with the WLAN code.

Tip: If you have the router in the home, you can your guests by the way even without code access to the WLAN gain: is the WPS push button on the router and activates WPS push on the Android smartphone, so the connection is established without WLAN password becomes. iPhones do not have the feature.

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Step number one: rooting cell phone

The file containing the wireless access points located in an inaccessible for you of the file system. Only with a rooted Android device You must be seen in this area. As you rootet your smartphone, you can learn in our overview article.

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Step number 2: Call the root directory

Looking for You indicates a file manager, the root content. Our example uses Amaze. The pre-installed file explorer of CyanogenMod could not open as a text file the conf file and was therefore unsuitable.

Amaze File ManagerInstall on Google Play

First, you must authorize to open the root directory of the file explorer. The setting is located below in the settings of the app. then goes in the tree the following way: data > misc > wifi. Finds in this folder now the file wpa_supplicant.conf. Said file contains all of the networks in clear text. The Wi-Fi passwords be clearly displayed.

show wifi password from explorerAnd there is the Wi-Fi password / © AndroidPIT

view Wi-Fi password via app: Alternative

The app WiFi Key Recovery can root privileges provided Show your saved Wi-Fi passwords. Thus it is superior hands down the normal wireless management which we believe in the screenshots for comparison next to it.

show wifi password with appOnly with the root app (left), the Wi-Fi password is displayed. / © AndroidPITWiFi Key Recovery (needs root)Install on Google Play