Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – downgrade from Android 7 to 6, how does it work?

I wanted to ask if anyone knows how I can make the last Android update reversed.
So from 7.0 to 6.0.1. , Because I do not like the new and my phone is not so clear is

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Hello Johanna,

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Hello Johanna,
You can flash with Odin the previous version
Here a guide

Thanks for the link.

My S6 works with the Android 7 no longer reliable.
Jens, you know whether Knox by the downgrade remains functional?

I changed my S4 time between floor and Cutom, even after returning to the hive went from Knox "security" no more.

lg Klaus

In Rome Stock Knox is not triggered.
In a modification (custom Rome, root) of the counter is triggered and you can not reset it, even if you flash the floor Rome again