Screenshot could not be added

Since yesterday I have the problem that I can not hold more screenshots when I'm in any app. On the home screen everything is working normally, but otherwise I get the error message: Screenshot could not be added - Screenshot could not be saved, possibly the memory is in use.
Space is naturally present and otherwise I have not changed ...
Unfortunately, the proposed solutions on the Internet do not work ...
thanks for your help :)

What do you have a phone? Rooted? Maybe it's because this is your Ram is very busy too ..

I had daas
Galaxy s2 root CyanogenMod 11 m11 android 4.4.4

I Cyanogenmod ... But I have indeed changed nothing and was just so ...

no idea why this is so determined a bug

I've never had and extremely annoying :(

schomal factory reset tried? (before backup!):)

No, I'll have to make time ...

So what also comes to mind: is just really simple but if with me in cm 11 a bug is often reichts to start easy times again: D

Lad you so a screenshot app down

Reboot I did, that does not work.

An app is, of course, but can not really be the only solution ...

perhaps the Start menu to display screenshot option?