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The redmi Note 2 was introduced in August 2015, an absolutely insane price of less than 200 euros. Thus the Chinese star maker continues its tradition of excellent price-performance ratio and has a really good user experience. but whether this is sufficient to recommend itself as a real alternative to the upper class of the competition, the Xiaomi redmi must prove in Test score second

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  • particularities
  • software
  • performance
  • Audio
  • camera
  • battery pack
  • Technical specifications
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  • &# X2713; Unique MIUI features
  • &# X2713; microSD support up to 32 GB
  • &# X2713; Removable battery
  • &# X2713; mono speaker with good audio quality
  • &# X2713; Unbeatable Price


  • &# X2715; poor battery life
  • &# X2715; not available in Germany

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Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Price and Availability

The redmi Note 2 has been said released in August on the Chinese market. The model with 32 GB data storage costs the equivalent of about 140 euros - no, we have not mistyped us. This is an incredible price for a phablet. Unfortunately, the availability of redmi Note 2 for German users is a problem because it will not come to Germany almost certainly. How to solve this problem, you can read at this link:

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Xiaomi redmi Note 2: design and processing

Except design one may at redmi Note 2 not expect actually the device looks very simple - but not bad. This can open up a well possibilities you with highly beautifully designed devices did not, because if here scratches come to the case, it does not hurt half as much. That the back of redmi Note 2 is removable, is a special feature that has fallen almost completely out of fashion. So one comes close to the battery, which may be gold value.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 14Xiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: are the mono speaker and the 13 MP camera on the back. / © AndroidPIT

The materials used in redmi Note 2 are plastic and glass. For this, the mobile phone is then but noticeably heavy. It is neither unusual thick, yet exceptionally slim, but in the hand it feels good. Of course, 5.5 inches are not little, and the redmi Note 2 has an additional relatively thick display frame. Surprisingly, it let himself but relatively well operated with one hand what is perhaps the soft edges, so that the gripping easily proceeds.

Power button and volume rocker are placed on the right side and easily accessible. If we compare these buttons placement with devices like the Galaxy S6 Edge + (for testing), you have to Xiaomi praise, because it is not necessary to refer to a second hand, only to change the volume.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 1Xiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: The physical buttons are all located on its right flank. / © AndroidPIT

are the 5 MP camera and LED light for notifications to the front panel. The display frame could be as I said small. So the redmi reminds Note 2 almost to a Sony Xperia Z2. For a 2015er flagship that is not really appropriate. But we ended up not dealing here with a flagship. At the bottom of the front, the fixed capacitive keys sit. Some like them, others hate them, but at Xiaomi they are not indispensable.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 12Xiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: When the display is turned on, the keys light up red. / © AndroidPIT

The redmi Note 2 is not a work of art without a doubt, its design is simple and functional. But for a price well below 200 euros which is almost more than you can expect.

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Display

Perhaps it is only at literally sharp contrast to the simple design, but the 5.5-inch, resolution Full HD LCD panel of redmi Note 2 stood the test as one of the highlights out. In fact, it can be compared easily with the display of the OnePlus 2 (for testing), yet offers better viewing angles.

The display quality is absolutely satisfactory, and even if the display is well and evenly lit, the colors could be a bit stronger and more defined. Even a slight gray haze I could see, but this disappeared when the automatic screen brightness has been disabled.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2Xiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: The display is bright enough, but the colors could be contrasting and stronger. / © AndroidPIT

But what brings a such a display? Watching YouTube videos, Netflix content is a real pleasure, especially because the audio quality to even is still really good. Also reading and surfing the internet turns out pleasant, since the display is bright enough. What also struck very positive in the test of redmi Note 2: The display is in software optimized for use in sunlight and corrects colors by automatically as it already does the Mi 4i.

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Features

The Infrasrotsensor is one of the special features of the redmi Note 2, especially in this price range. Unfortunately, some users complain that the Xiaomi app for the IR sensor is not compatible with all TVs, but until the problem is fixed, you can watch make do with third-party apps. Some manufacturers such as Sony have now decided to dispense with such a feature. Therefore, it is particularly pleasing that Xiaomi has invested the few extra cents in this budget phone.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 10Xiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: The IR sensor (right) makes it possible to control the TV with your smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Software

The redmi Note 2 comes preloaded with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop what Xiaomis manufacturer essay MIUI is slipped. 7 The user menu is very colorful and (but more so to iOS) no longer almost reminiscent of Android. This is more than purely cosmetic, because MIUI brings its own unique features with. The code base is and remains Android.

Our review unit is a Chinese, which only offers English as an additional language. In addition, it lacks the Google apps. These must be flashed separately. If you should so you decide to leave the import redmi Note 2, are you aware that it comes with a few limitations for software and language provided they also are not insurmountable.

redmi note 2 UIXiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: The interface is colorful and hardly reminiscent of Android. / © AndroidPIT

On the redmi Note 2 users will find no App Drawer, as they are accustomed to it from Android. Instead, all apps are stored on the home screen, just like you know it from iOS. To delete an app, it simply pulls on the trash icon that appears at the top of the screen. The system has a do not disturb mode, which can be configured according to your needs, and also the behavior of notifications is customizable.

Those who appreciate visual variety, may enjoy the MIUI own Theme Store with themes, lock screens, icon packs, wallpapers and widgets. Features such as a data volume manager, antivirus software, an audio recorder, a note-taking app, a file manager and of course a weather app also includes Zumr basic equipment.

All in all, showed MIUI 7 in our redmi-Note-2 test surprisingly flexible, much more than pure Android. So if you like every now and then makes adjustments and changed the look of its software makes the Xiaomi-Preiskracher basically nothing wrong.

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Performance

In redmi Note 2 an eight Kerner MediaTek, the Helio X10 operates with a maximum clock rate of 2.2 GHz. As a comparison: This processor is similar to a Snapdragon 810 roughly, only he comes without overheating problems. the PowerVR G6200 serves as a graphics processor. 2 GB of RAM are exactly how the 16 or 32 GB of data storage, depending on model.

Overall, the Xiaomi redmi Note 2 was in the test reliable in performance. Graphically demanding games ran, multitasking was no problem and crashes or shock stare remained in out in my test. However, the flashing around the Google Apps required some effort that certainly does not want to make any.

Occasionally, the smartphone was slightly warm, as when charging or during games - generally at high system load. But the heat generation never exceeded the amount that you generally expect from smartphones.

redmi note 2 benchmarkThus the redmi Note 2 in the benchmark test suggests. / © AndroidPIT

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Audio

I'm not a fan of mono speakers, especially when they are mounted on the back, anyway. Surprisingly, I was then but very happy with the sound of redmi Note 2. Even if I took off the device with the display facing up, the sound did not disappear, because a small protruding bump prevented under the speaker that it rests ever completely and covers becomes.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 8Xiaomi redmi note in review: The speaker on the back will fortunately never completely covered, even if the device lies on his back. / © AndroidPIT

Both speakers and microphone are doing a great job. The sound is clear and clean, even in noisy environments and even when wind hits the microphone.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 13Xiaomi redmi Note 2: The microphone is located at the bottom of the device next to the micro-USB port (v2.0). / © AndroidPIT

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Camera

Even before my test of redmi Note 2 I read some reviews that very negative feedback the camera and image quality. I disagree: The camera of the second redmi rating was reflected above average, when compared with today's devices under 200 euros.

Let's take a look at the software. As you can see in the screenshot below, the camera app offers a manual mode in which the focus and exposure can be taken into their own hands. A number of filters are available. But be careful when using this:

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redmi note 2 camera UIXiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: This is the UI of the camera app with the main menu, viewfinder, and filters. / © AndroidPIT

You can find a gallery of images that has produced Note 2 in the test my redmi below. As you can see, the 13-MP sensor goes quite well to the colors and focus and offers a high level of detail, even in low light. With plenty of light, however, the camera slips up, the sky becomes a white slurry, which is a problem that one encounters partly in 700-euro-phone cameras.

The front camera will work in my opinion well and produces good image and video quality. The 5-MP sensor captures relatively many details, and so the popular Groufies (group selfies) should also represent the redmi Note 2 no problem. And who else wants to experiment a little further, has the slow-motion and time-lapse mode to Full HD video the chance.

xiaomi, redmi note 2, camera, test>GalleryPictures with the Xiaomi redmi Note 2

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Battery

The battery of redmi Note 2 provides 3060 mAh, a whopping capacity for a smartphone in this price range. These Xiaomi has come up with a surprise: Support for Quick Charge 2.0. This means that the phablet takes about 60 percent of performance on in half an hour. Unfortunately, the redmi Note 2 takes almost two hours in spite of this luxury-class features to make it to full battery capacity.

AndroidPIT redmi note 2 4Xiaomi redmi Note 2 in the test: The battery is replaceable and supports Quick Charge 2.0. / © AndroidPIT

Here, the biggest catch is: Despite the replaceable battery and the fast charge option, the redmi Note 2 remains in terms of battery performance fell short of expectations. Than six hours of intensive use I managed in the test. In fact, the fun ended at average of four hours with display and Wi-Fi.

However, all this refers to the standard mode. MIUI 7 offers numerous setting options for different user profiles and Akkumodi. That's good, because the preferences, where many users will surely remain intuitive, are not sustainable at least in my test result.

Xiaomi redmi Note 2: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
152 x 76 x 8.3 mm
160 g
3060 mAh
5.5 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi)
13 megapixels
5 megapixels
5.0 - Lollipop
2 GB
16 GB
32 GB
MediaTek MT
HSPA, LTE, dual SIM, Bluetooth 4.0

final verdict

As mentioned above, does the 32 GB version of the redmi Note 2 in China converted 140 euros. Who will pick up the device after Germany, of course, pays import charges on top of it, but the change absolutely nothing because the price is indecently low. In light of the Xiaomi-phablet has everything you can ask for from a smartphone, both in terms of hardware and in software. So if you think about it, you to purchase a Chinese smartphone that want to use your for about two years, then adjusts the redmi Note 2 represents a good investment.

Even if MIUI is unusual for Android users, it is a manufacturer of articles that will learn to love you, if you stand on variety. The redmi Note 2 proved in the test without doubt the best smartphone that you can get in this price range today. And now to answer the initial question whether this phone a real alternative to Galaxy S6 Edge +, LG G4 or iPhone can be 6S Plus - certainly. If money is important to you. Finally, it is no wonder that Xiaomi has sold over a million copies since its launch.

So, you would give a chance to the redmi Note 2?

This article was translated from Portuguese by Stephan Serowy.

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