Android for Beginners: When my WhatsApp subscription runs out?

Since WhatsApp is chargeable, the subscription will always be the subject of essential questions. How long it runs? When do I have to pay again? What payment options do I have? Here are the answers. My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?Select Galaxy S8 or iPhone. 8VS677 StimmenOoops! Something went wrong. should […]

The best Easter Eggs and hidden features on Google

Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503570 participants?No, I'm not my time ahead. At least not as far as I'd think it would be perhaps Easter. This article is about the so-called Easter Eggs. These are developer hidden features or jokes that can be activated if you know […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 – S7 Galaxy Edge repair costs?

Hi people, I today fell off my S7 edge and I have a plan to send in the lower right corner to the left. Moreover at the bottom of the screen a green bar which moves from left to right as well as a random flicker (I do not know if this only occurs when […]

LG G4 – display is yellowish.

@ Aries, thanks for your detailed reply. Even I would never have come to such conclusions. This morning I was on the phone with the online retailer, had sent him the pictures and get feedback an hour later, I get a new phone. As simple life can be Now I hope that the second smartphone […]

gifted by Samsung in Centro S6

Really awesome, the Centro Oberhausen ran nice Samsung Women around and actually gave me a s6 in gold. now really do not know whether I should remove the protective film or not? Mach open!What kind of packaging? Open the door and your breath will smell S6 Hello! Since it's not about the device, I've moved […]

Galaxy S3 and S4: Start with voice command actions from the lock screen from

Voice control is made with smartphones becoming more widespread, Nexus 5, and Moto X are just two recent examples. But Samsung's blockbuster Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 have far-reaching possibilities for voice control - as some might know more. We show how you can unlock the Samsung phones without touch and start with custom commands […]

So you make the display of your Nexus 5 is greater

The Nexus 5 is not a bad display utilization for its 5 inches, but his generation devices like the LG G2 are better with 5.2 inches. If you rankles that fact or do you want to simply make a little more space on the screen, we have a trick for you: Android Lollipop Interruptions: All […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Galaxy S5 gallery shows content to wrong

Hello. I had to reset my S5 to the factory settings, have previously copied the videos and pictures from WhatsApp on my PC. After I relaunched the S5 and the videos and pictures have copied back, showing me the gallery all in confusion. To separate files I can indeed by date but not in the […]

WhatsApp Calls: This is the new phone function

For the past one year is a Voice Call feature for WhatsApp speech. Just this phone function already haunts longer through the net, with the update to the latest version of WhatsApp WhatsApp Calling coming but finally to all users, and You can now make calls via Whatsapp. What is new is the ability to […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Knox properly deleting S4 9506 (4.2.2): Can translate the instructions from XDA anyone or are there those already in German somewhere.

Hello, have at XDA instructions on permanently delete found by Knox, but since my English is not enough and I want my phone bricken reluctantly, I had a request that translates anyone these instructions clearly, that would certainly be helpful for other users .. , THANK YOU !!! My mobile phone: S4 5906 rooted Master […]

Sony Xperia ZL in the test: In the shadow of the Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia ZL was introduced in January 2013. together with the Xperia Z at CES in Las Vegas and was from the beginning, in the shadow of glamorous sister model. Then it disappeared quickly from the radar of the Android community - quite wrongly, as the ZL does have to offer compelling features. What […]