Huawei Mate 8 send any more apps

Hi guys, I yesterday noticed that I can draw on my mate 8 no more apps from the drawer up to send them. Now there's only the trash to uninstall them the "divide" Symbol now missing completely. Is this connected with the last EMUI update? If so, how can I take it back again? greetingsSo […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – TouchWiz start stopped

Hello, I have a question. Have brought the Samsung Note Edge yesterday. Then I, as always installed my apps. Now I get about every half hour the message "stopped TouchWiz start" and annoying. I press okay then it while away but after only half an hour it comes again. Have the phone now also reset […]

TomTom: navigation software is now available for Android

Not always online navigation solutions such as Google Maps the last word. Who is more common in rural areas go or has no data flat, which is dependent on a well-functioning offline navigation. Such would like to offer the Google Play Store TomTom now. What you prefer as a back-up? External private storage cloud or […]

Spied! Where is the leak and how can it be closed?

Dear Community, currently I am confronted with a problem that unfortunately a little overwhelmed my knowledge and I have not found the right answer, even after some research. A friend of mine noticed recently that her husband frightening knows exactly what is happening on their smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7). He knows of every message that […]

HTC One X +: Android 4.2.2 is on its way, bringing Sense 5

While HTC recently was criticized because it had turned his back reached in terms of Android updates, the One S (which currently hangs in the balance), there is good news for owners of the HTC-One predecessor. The update to 4.2.2 will be rolled out in Taiwan for the HTC One X +. Those who can […]

[How to] Root / Un-Root / FW flashing Galaxy S4 Mini [GT-I9195]

* DONE * I installed for another location found Tip SuperSU, and now you go Hello, I have to rooten my S4mini after the update from 4.2.2 to version 4.4.2. Have played with Odin 3:09 the recovery-clockwork- it. - No problem. After installing appears to me correctly: - Done! - Install from sdcard complete. […]

Huawei Ascend Mate – Android 4.4.4

Hello Community I've got a question, the mate is getting an update to Android 4.4.4 and how it goes on it there will be problems or not? Thank you very much your ManuelHello Manuel! Please brew for the existing (albeit still small) Update Thread:

[Review] “G9 3G Stick” – mobile Internet for laptop, PC & the new Archos tablets

My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?Choose Huawei Mate 10 or Galaxy Note. 8VS265 StimmenOoops! Something went wrong. should update helfen.Huawei Mate 10203 StimmenOoops! Something went wrong. should update helfen.Galaxy Note 8As an additional accessory for the new Honeycomb tablets from Archos, the manufacturer offers a UMTS stick that can be used […]

BMW: Self-driving cars are ready for 2021

The world of automobiles and high-tech world get closer and closer. This is also evident at this year's edition of the International Automobile Exhibition, in short IAA, in Frankfurt. We are on site and have taken the opportunity to speak with Elmar Frickenstein, senior vice president of Autonomous Driving at BMW. We were able to […]

“Logging in WiFi network” – ignore message?

Hello everybody, I use a WiFi network in which I'm eignetlich only traveling locally, but there is an Internet connection Duch a proxy through which I could theoretically the Internet, Android detects this and forces me to sign up. Since this is not working properly, I ask micht now whether that can ignore the message […]

Pokémon GO: First unofficial HoloLens demo leaves you wanting more

The hype surrounding the augmented reality game Pokémon GO does not stop. But the hunt for cute cartoon monsters not only keeps the players under the spell, but also stimulates the imagination of many developers to. David Robustelli Capitola VR shows on Twitter, like Pokémon GO might look at Microsoft's HoloLens. Pokémon GO Test: My […]

Sony Xperia Z2 vs. HTC One (M8): Comparison of Premium models

HTC and Sony are currently the two smartphone manufacturers that rely on premium materials. Instead polycarbonate aluminum and glass are used here and both devices left a very sophisticated look. But not only the look is important even the overall impression must be convincing. So who will win the race? Time for a comparison. What […]

Voice Recorder – Android Apps in the test

It always comes back again in the situation that you want to record a short voice memo on the mobile phone. Usually happens on - the - go supposed to mean go. Unfortunately, Android does not provide fix integrated function for voice memos, therefore, as an application has to be installed later. In today's test […]