Hey As mentioned in the title ... The Archos 50 Platinum my girlfriend was playing very hot during Simpsons recently. I gave her device at the date of purchase rooted, but flashed no Costum Rome. She runs on floor with Android 4.1.2 Instead of the temperature, the module in the status bar shows only a […]

Review Acer Liquid E700 Trio

It's great that my application for the Acer E700 trio was successful. The timing was also ideal because a few days before my Galaxy S3 has fallen to death. Although I have a spare, but an old Nokia flip phone is just not a sufficient replacement for a smartphone. Although the AndroidPit newsletter keeps up […]

Cheap Calls – Android Apps in the test

Almost everyone is likely to have ever complained about high telephone costs abroad. Although the prevailing rates for mobile operators are becoming cheaper, smaller providers prove yet again that it can be done cheaper. Cheap Calls is one such provider. Whether the motto "Talk more for less" so, you learn in Testbericht- To the section: […]

WhatsApp extension / or expiration of the membership

Meal love Comunity ..... just got a message from WhatsApp get the membership has been upgraded to full lifetime and then a few minutes later came a message that it has been reduced at a time so again with expiry date. .... has a well received of you something like that ...... and I must […]

Copy URL

Hi, I have a Sony compact x, how can I select an Internet address and copy? Whenever I type in the place, I just get the magnifying glass to see. last longer pressed ... No, does not work. Which browser do you use? Double-tap on the address when own text. Long tap into static textsHello […]

Denver update TID 80042 of 4.1 to 4.4 Least

Moin people .... long time getippert ... grinsel..hab ma ne question .... How do I get out if my Denver TID 80042 can update from 4.1 to 4.4 fewest ????? The small 8zoller is so awesome just I would like to have a more current Android on it and an operating update does not seem […]

Note 3 will not boot after installing the cmw recovery

so now I got thanks to your instructions to run again my touch 3rd downloaded ado, the cmw recovery htlexx (international) and the img via Odin mobile flashed. But: the same symptom as initially described again. Also, this recovery does not work! I'm at a loss. How damn I get a working custom recovery on […]

Google pixel C: Another tablet or even a netbook? – Hardware Tests

Tablets are dead, or is it? Falling sales in the tablet market force Microsoft, Apple and now Google to new concepts. The pixel C of Google adapts to the new trend that was started with the Microsoft Surface. Together with the optional keyboard is a hybrid of tablet and netbook from Google's device. Whether the […]

Smartphone Game for TV streaming / Smartphone as Controller

Hello androids I have a question for gaming on your smartphone: Is it possible a smartphone game to play on your TV while using your smartphone as a controller? If so, how is it possible (TV with Wi-Fi is aware)? Many Thanks!There are already a few games for the Chromecast where the smartphone acts as […]

Open [Nexus 5X] [8.0.0] [OPR6.170623.023, November 2017] [ROOT] [MODS] + bootloader, TWRP Recovery, Magisk superuser kernel updates flash + more

STABILITY, BATTERY, PERFORMANCE! Who wants to live without installing a custom ROM, but still wishes root and its amenities, is right in this thread! In the following I will explain step by step how to optimize its Nexus 5X in terms of battery consumption, appearance and speed FASTBOOT INSTALL download: [TOOL] Minimal ADB and Fastboot […]

If the battery is damaged if one continues to charge, despite 100%?

halloooo Question at the top. So if you now the whole night charges, it is still overweight or? I mean if it has reached some time in an hour ago 100% and one the power cord from the phone, which will damage the battery?Hello, do not worry, the battery will not damage.Which is then immediately […]

View Google Play Game Services feature in Play Store

Hello! I recently in my game the Google Play Game Services integrated (Achievements, list) These also work perfect but I have a problem: Play Store (Android app version) you always see but a small box that displays the Services (Game Services: Achievements, leaderboards ...) In my app but nothing is displayed: Here You have to […]

Code of google play store card zerkrazt

Your things are indeed some time ago but I have the same problem and I wanted to know how after having given the things that you have to be notified?Hello Luca, Welcome to the forum That that you have submitted via the correct email address: to your question. Redeem Google Play gift cards and promotional […]