Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Dates on Lockscreen

Good evening, I've googled the subject, but somehow I find this point, under Security, enable widget, not. So I use Android 4.4.4. Can someone tell me how I my calendar entries are displayed on my lockscreen me. Daaaank Only a few days ago ....Hi, thanks for the quick reply, but ... The threat because you […]

Am unsure. Update of Note 3 omega-ROM on Lineage-OS

Hello, am unsure how to do it, the uploading of new custom ROMS. Can I boot directly into the recovery and flash? Do I have something in mind as wipen? That would be the 2nd time that I flash a custom ROM. The last time was ... ... hmhhh, 2014. greeting Andreas Hello, You can […]

Motorola Moto G (2015) – G3: Encryption with marshmallow to update?

Hello, my G3 has now received the marshmallow update some time ago and I'm ready encountered no problems coarser. As part of the general. Coverage I have now a little busy myself with the encryption on Android 6, which can be activated manually with a upgedateten device (as opposed to those supplied with 6.0 devices […]

RealCalc Plus – Students pay attention! – Android Apps in the test

Granted, science never counted my strengths. Miserably I kept trying to find an easier way. Homework perhaps could still do -with the help of Internets-, but in college it became increasingly difficult. Of course there were apps with a few formulas, but this helped me not necessarily continue. Now there seems to be a solution. […]

Skip glass digitizer – LG G2

Hello community, I unfortunately the glass has jumped above the display. should be no problem to change the konpletten digitizer. Sorry, but I'm assuming that the net very many fakes available on the usual platforms. My reasoning is therefore to change only the (upper) glass. The procedure is easy to find on YT. If it […]

Server Error !!!!!!!!

Hello, so I had to go to Settings > then hold-Fi connected network down>Network configuration and in the advanced settings Proxy do so on '' without 'make', hope it helps you Hello pixels Fox, Welcome to our forum Thank you for communicating your solution, due to the advanced age of the threads I doing here […]

Favorable agreement sought with grade 3

Hello. Can anyone recommend a cheap and reputable supplier, where can I get the note 3 to the Contract me. Have the score 3 extra chosen because it already what older (but still good). Otherwise, perhaps as a Nexus 6 (but I'm afraid because the contract is too expensive) .. I want to pay not […]

But synchronize images How?

Hello, I'm new here... I have to look no more nerve and to test a question, ... and .... Seeking the following: I WANT MY PICTURES ONLINE OR EVEN SAVE .... Following problem ... There are more folders so about 20 GB .... I needed an app to my folders synchronized so I sm at […]

Huawei P8 – New button in the navigation bar

For some time, a small arrow to hide this has appeared to me in the navigation bar on the left side. I can not remember having enabled this myself. I've noticed no update. The button also existed before the update B132. Does anyone have the same "problem" and found a way to hide this again? […]