Deleted Data in Android

The situation probably know the most: It deletes several photos from his smartphone and seconds later you realize that you have deleted the wrong photo. Before you strike together in such a case hands over your head, do not worry: you can picture on your Android device to restore. The important thing is that you […]

Programming Android App: Getting Started

So you want to program your own very first Android app. In our Hello World example, we will explain the first steps with Android Studio for you. This creates the basis for ensuring that you can get started with the development of your own first Android app. Best Android Apps 2016 Best Android Games Today […]

Android 7 Nougat: Update index for smartphones and tablets

The final Android 7.0 nougat has been officially announced. It replaces marshmallow and brings new features. Which smartphones and tablets, the update to Android 7.0 nougat be obtained you learn in this overview. update: LG finally deliver the update to Android 7.0 nougat and Lenovo provides the features of nougat 7.1. Android Nougat: Features, Release, […]

Samsung Galaxy S4: official Android updates

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has received with Android Lollipop in November 2015 his last official update. As you reviewed and the current version they installed later if necessary, we will show you here. Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Update index for smartphones and tablets Android Lollipop: Update index for smartphones and tablets What you prefer as a […]

Remove Android-Virus: To delete your malware or adware

In Android you are not safe from malware. Despite all the precautions you can infect their smartphones with malware. Then advertising is constantly displayed and the battery becomes exhausted quickly. In addition, foreigners can read along your passwords and SMS. Here you learn how recognize your malware in Android, deletes and how you avoid them. […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Android updates and nougat

The top two smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge, finally received the firmware update to Android 7.0 nougat. Our table shows the current status as well as new features that Samsung distributed with the update. update: The Oreo update the S7 and S7 Edge will receive the Samsung Experience. And maybe […]

“Display overlay detected”: How your fixes the annoying Android problem

She suddenly get the error message "Display overlay detected" and do not know what you should start your order? We have compiled all information that can identify the problem and fix your step by step. update: In Safe Mode can be avoid the overlay problem. Android Marshmallow: Overview for smartphones and tablets Android Marshmallow: Tips […]

Best Android Games

Whether card games or first-person shooter: In Google Play Store, there is a huge selection of entertaining games. In order not to lose track, we give you at this point an overview of recommended Android games. We here do not distinguish between free and paid games. update: Newcomers in Sections card games and strategy games. […]

The best camera apps for Android

What are actually the best camera apps for Android and what makes them better than the conventional applications? We present you we tested camera apps that you should try. The best photo apps for image processing The best photo gallery apps for Android My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?Choose iPhone X […]

Best Android Apps 2017

There are millions of apps in the Play Store. Many of them can simplify your life, others make a lot of fun. Our review of the best Android apps is intended to be a guide and by the App chaos of Android. update: We have cleaned up the list and updated. The best Android games […]

The best Android smartphones: An interim report 2017

Which smartphone is right for you? We have compiled a list of the best Android smartphones in this article and update it constantly. You can find top smartphones for different categories: Photos, battery life, value for money or package. updateAfter the IFA the rankings suddenly looks very different. We have a new winner and in […]

ADB: drivers, tools, commands and error messages

You want to control the Android Debug Bridge from your computer? Learn everything about the ADB tools is Windows driver, learns the most important ADB commands and finds solutions to major ADB Errors. In the update, we take into account the direct downlaods the ADB tools. The best custom ROMs for Android at a glance […]

Android rooten: The Ultimate Guide

If your rootet your Android, your new features of the smartphone unlocks. Learn here know all the pros and cons of root. We show you also to which root instructions you can leave you and what might have been dangerous. Should I rooten my smartphone? Best Android Root Apps What you prefer as a back-up? […]

So you use the Flash Player with Android

Still encountered on the Internet numerous Web sites that require the Flash Player from Adobe. But Adobe has no current Flash player for Android to download on offer. We show you how to easily you can use 7.0 nougat and earlier versions of Android Flash Player on Android. update: There are now only two recommended […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 and S5 Neo Android update

The Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to version 6.0.1 marshmallow is in full swing. The Telecom and Vodafone version and also the branding-free Galaxy S5 received the update to Android 6.0.1 marshmallow. Now, the branding free Galaxy S5 follows Neo. Here we show you how to your Galaxy S5 or S5 Neo Android […]