Sony Xperia Z2 – video can not be played

Hello, the following problem was, now filmed, but the video (about 4 minutes) can not be played, even the error message, and the album is the "image" black to the video. Also on the PC I can only hear the sound, but not the video to. Two other videos taken after work fine on the […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Shingle always shows install USB drivers

whenever I plug in my note 4, gravel open (device is also recognized), on tools >> Firmware upgrade and initialization visit, I always get attached message, the possibility of the installation is grayed out in this window and therefore can not be run. can someone help me what that is there ...? previous message I […]

23.5.A.1.291 root without Windows computer possible?

Ask you for help. Is it possible the latest build version to root without windows pc or do I downgrade? Have some unfortunately one click root tools tried without success ...Rooting is something else to flash as the current firmware. To my knowledge you need but for both a PC, whether it's running Mac OS […]

Complete reinstall (flashing ..?): “One Touch C7

Hello you out there, after I now have dozens of pages on the net scoured for a solution, I checked into my Socials and and and ... I hope now that you can help me. I must say that I am a NOOB in things mobile and little idea (yet) have the matter (obviously because […]

Gallery images are not displayed

I was just a few pictures from the PC via Google Drive transmitted to mobile phones, but they are not displayed, have looked in the ES File Explorer and the images were in the folder where all the other pictures are habs also manually moved to other folders in the Pictures folder , has brought […]

Interview with Eva Wimmers: “Smartphones are far from the end”

With Honor, Huawei has achieved something in no time, which is hardly another Chinese smartphone manufacturers have succeeded: Building a second independent brand and, above all, to establish them in the domestic market and internationally successful in the market. To learn more about the successful model Honor, we went to Dusseldorf and were allowed to […]

WTF ?! App of the Week: Digital Place nose with Nose Candy

Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503571 participants?Well, what to say there? We regularly scour the Google Play Store and our market for such apps that let us loudly shouting "WTF ?!". And the app Nose Candy here up front with. Who has always been a bit of […]

Cubot s208 – battery socket stops working.

Good day, I hope the thread is properly cared for, etc. Anyway, I have the following problem. For about two days, the charging socket of my Cubot s208 wobbles extremely if you put a cable & it no longer Loads. Does any of you possibly how to fix it? or knows someone of you a […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – [S6 Edge] Is this a known display error?

I zugeleget me S6 EDGE and have left "EDGE strip" above a black semicircle. Looks like a punch cleansed. At first I thought this would be one of the EDGE features (similar to the right of the small bright stripes). Is this a known display error? Have done the screen test. In all colors remains […]

Sony Xperia Z2 – camera Sony Xperia Z2 has stopped working

My camera did not work overnight and I do not know what should I do I've been as far as I know much tried everything, she went to one more day and the next moment not one probably you can help me What does not work in practice? Is there an error message? App data […]

Huawei P8 – Memory Cards &. mobile exchange

Hello, I hope I'm in the right forum though my question is more general. Still, it's not that far, but slowly I'm thinking about a new mobile. So far I have a Samsung S4 and stood now, I'd choose a Huawei P8. In S4 is a 16GB memory card, in the future I would probably […]

LG G2 – Microphone does not work .. use speaker mode?

As the topic name already clarifies, does my microphone for calls, for some days not, however, the speaker mode continues, properly. My opponent understands me still, but very quietly, finally almost not at all. My G2 is not rooted, especially now also reset several times, but without success. It seems to me extremely illogical that […]

App Search: store GPS location ..

Hello, "gps diary" ( in Play Store does exactly what you are looking for. Many greetings, blue27Uh you but already know that the thread of 2011 Hello, To treat the thread again his well-deserved rest, I'll here a castle before. @ Blue27: Welcome to our forum. If this is your app, you can like it […]

OnePlus 3 – OnePlus 3: How is the audio quality?

Hi Guys, I have one last question for OnePlus third I have now read several times that the audio quality through headphones to be very bad. What are your experiences? Me is the sound quality very important (only with headphones) because I hear a lot of music on my phone. If the sound quality is […]