Domain Checker – a simple tool to check the availability of domains

My first attempt at a WebView app with JSON web service backend. Has a lot of fun to write the, perhaps, the app offers even for the one or the other a little added value Link to the Play Store: Here's a screenshot: Hi Markus, Welcome to our forum I was so free and […]

iRunner – “Run, Baby, Run” – Android Apps in the test

"IRunner" is a jump and run game with a difference. One is as a player that is not responsible for ensuring that the game character moves forward ... He does all by itself. But beware! Anyone who thinks that the game then yes is easy is mistaken. Dangers and obstacles must in fact be managed […]

Odys Study Tab new Android

good Morning I've got even a small problem with my Tablat and indeed it is as the name suggests, actually for students by some programs on it that slow down the system and partitions are also not exactly the best the question now I can because another Android draufspielen how do I do what I […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android Nougat: Impressions, Part 2

Last week I installed on my Galaxy S7 Edge the first beta version of Android 7.0 nougat. My first impressions were very positive. Now, a week later, I want to come back and tell you about how the beta firmware has beaten in everyday use. Android nougat on the Galaxy S7 Edge tried (part one) […]

Wiko Getaway – Display black + unit will permanently re

Hello, Today when I used my new Wiko Getaway and an app that I had previously installed, started, my screen went black. I have the phone off and switched on again, the black screen remains. Now comes the second problem: Ever since I turned it again, it will start permanently new. I have a loose […]

Samsung Galaxy A3 – display locks in part

I have a problem with my phone that the display times it balks at times running it normal to have tried everything. A friend told me that it's defect which I can not quite believe it because it's otherwise flawless runs Hello Wolfgang, Welcome to the forum when it is barred because, what are you […]

Nexus 6: Accessories for your Google smartphone

Have you just bought a Nexus 6 and are still looking for the right accessories? We have compiled a list of practical enhancements for your Google smartphone for you. Check it out, it should be something for every taste. My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?Choose Nokia 8 or Galaxy S8.VS371 StimmenOoops! […]

football pub

Hello, I wanted to briefly tell what happened to me with SKY Finder here. When I was on the road again and wanted to watch football, I searched the Google Play Store for an app. I quickly came across [SKY Finder] [1]. Regardless of the bad reviews I've installed the app and hoping you do […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + in the unboxing video

Finally, the Galaxy-S8 duo arrives in in the offices and we can start the top two smart phones from Samsung to test in detail. Before both smartphones are passed into the capable hands of our editors, we will, of course, the Galaxy and the Galaxy S8 S8 + in the unboxing video to show you. […]

Android for Windows RT

Hello community. I am in possession of a Surface 2 Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is only Windows RT installed and an upgrade to Windows 10, it is so apparently not give. But since I am personally not satisfied with the Windows, I'm looking for a way to Android to get on the machine running. The last […]

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – wireless can not be activated

Hi you, I have a big problem Have a Z3 Compact, android 5.1.1 Three weeks ago my wireless did not go to, so when I tried it either under settings or the shortcut. It therefore can not be activated. Partly it crashed even if the shortcut. Also in the service menu nothing went on ... […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – no speech recognition

Hello everybody, my wife and I have almost the same smartphone - I have a Samsung S4 (9505), my wife a Samsung S4 (9500). Both have the Android version 5.0.1. For me, the speech recognition is (microphone icon in email, whatsapp, etc.) easily by a microphone appears on the keyboard during the tool icon. This […]

The Google-pixel event: Live Stream and information

For the first time Google holds the pixel event (formerly Nexus Event) simultaneously at several locations in the world. We are in Berlin this spot when Google unveiled its new device pixels and pixel XL. As you can follow the show live, you learn in this article. Google presented pixels and pixel XL with Google […]