Galaxy S6 is not recognized by the PC as a storage medium, loaded.

Hello! Have a Galaxy S6 with Android 7.0 and wanted to save photos / videos on your PC. My smartphone is however not the same always recognized in devices and drives such as a USB flash drive. Have already tried many things, which is in various forums (USB debugging, USB configuration änderen in the developer […]

Android 8.0 is available for the Google Nexus pixels and Phones

It is finally time for Google rolled out Android 8.0 Oreo big operating system update of the year 2017.. But first, as always, only the pixel and some smart phones come from the Nexus series to benefit from Android 8.0. Android 8.0 Oreo: Update index for smartphones and tablets Android Oreo: All information on the […]

Samsung Gear S2 – Can one with the gear s2 google & apos; s

Have times ne short question How can see in the gear s2 with Google from Does the Google ok function or how can you Googling Lucandroid Have times ne short question How can see in the gear s2 with Google from Does the Google ok function or how can you Googling Please answerno one there […]

SM-T335 rooten with Lollipop

Moin community, my Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE (SM-T335) I brought by Odin from Android 4.4 to 5.1.1. Works well all very well, but I do not succeed, to root the previously Rooted device again. I play on the appropriate CF Autoroot file by Odin and the reboot keeps breaking off with three short vibration […]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – phone gets hot and battery is dead within 2 hours

The mobile phone has been of one day to suddenly suddenly out so quickly, although I had no application open. Have factory reset performed, canceled all instalierten apps Vieep Cach done everything did not help, bought have new battery, but the same problem. Who has a solution for this problem?Then times look which app so […]

The 5 best cheat Apps

What if do it puzzles apps at breakneck speed to the top of the charts in the Google Play Store? Right, followed cheat apps impatient players thinking or want to lose weight then help if the duties are simply too tricky. I show you my five favorites. My new favorite phone - which you would […]

Sony Xperia Z5 starts his own business!

Hello everybody. I have a very big problem with my Sony Xperia Z5. The mobile phone makes in the pocket always automatically open any apps, calls any contacts and has now booked even Amazon Prime ... I have a screen protector that "PREMYO bulletproof glass"If what helps. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance! Greeting […]

How can I delete the pixel Launcher again?

Hello, I have downloaded the pixel Launcher and would like to remove. But how can I delete it? In the folder of the Cloud "Mega" No files exist. although I have installed it in. Thank you!delete the Application Manager, or in Settings under AppsIs there not inside. I have exactly the same question I already […]

Honor 6X: Impressions of AndroidPIT reader after 48 hours

We sent three AndroidPIT readers a Honor 6X, so that they can get an idea of ​​the smartphone. Here you read the impressions that have accumulated Sue H and Treophil and Simon S. in the first 48 hours by Honor 6X. Honor 6X in the AndroidPIT Test Dual cameras explains: Digital Zoom, bokeh effects, augmented […]

Samsung Galaxy S 8 – Photos out of order

Hello everybody, I hope I post this thread in the right forum. I bought a Galaxy S 8 a few days ago. When setting up the unit, WhatsApp photos are downloaded automatically. So far I had secured this addition to Google Photos. But when I activated this option in the S8, all photos were Reiter […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Case ec for S5

Hello, what to make of this envelope which someone uses before you? = UTF8&qid = 1488527507&sr = 1-2 or there are better and more cost-effective ?? greetingsI do not know the shell but what you will expect from a 9 € Cover? For a few euros more, there is the original Flip Wallet with […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Battery invites only when power is off

Hi guys, 2 months ago on vacation, I suddenly had a defect on my S5. I could not load it hardly no symbol that it charges the battery. Cable works tested. So I sent it for repair and have built me ​​a new USB connecter everything. Yesterday I got it back and still have the […]