Samsung Galaxy S5 – Samsung S5 1und1 with branding?

Hi Guys Has anyone of you S5 1und1 ?, it has now Branding ?, or completely free from Samsung? I do not want these apps and scgon not wait forever for updatesWhich apps you do not want? Just ask 1und1.The 1und1. And the eternal wait. Have three times called, and every time it's differentAll apps […]

boon. The payment app for everyone

With boon. can pay your quickly and conveniently with the smartphone. A large list of smartphones and now a lot of the dealers are suitable for contactless payment or equipped. With five Euro credit you can immediately test free of charge and without obligation as Pay feels in the future. Cash is so 2015! With […]

Update: Consumer advocates extend ultimatum against WhatsApp

The Consumer Federation (vzbv), with its patience with WhatsApp in the end. Its new Terms have the consequence that WhatsApp passes your WhatsApp account data to Facebook. Who has denied this, was excluded from WhatsApp. Update: The Consumer Protection has won the right for you, despite the refusal of at least restricted to WhatsApp access. […]

LG G3 – Mega battery pack soon

Heyho love forum community I wrote to the company Battery King on the weekend, whether it would be possible to attend to a Mega Battery for the LG G3. Today, the answer came: "Thank you for your request. We are happy to offer you in about 3 weeks a power battery for your model. Just […]

Echo Plus, Connect, show and Buttons: Amazon’s new Alexa squad

Amazon upgraded its echo series powerful and brings a whole range of new devices for the networked home. and even a low-priced gadget that promises a lot of fun - while Amazon Echo show is already available in the US, some completely new Alexa devices they are. Amazon Echo in the test: Good listening, Alexa […]

Catalogs App – Purchase Navigator – Android Apps in the test

By "Catalogs App - Purchase Navigator" is another app joins in the Play Store, and shows us the offers of many shipping businesses. Since the Durchstöben of articles has already become the norm, I'll test it for you what this app especially power. To the section: features & Use screen & service speed & stability […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Wireless problems does not connect

Have the same problem with my Mac address is displayed but IP is not available Please help Have the same problem and ask can not activate help my wifi .Hat previously worked great but the connection was bad to worse until in the end completely gone remained bar .Wlan remains gray and when I click […]

Location for your own files

Hello, I downloaded some files. These files are in sdcard \ download folder, although I have no SD card. Is that normal? Second question: In which folder I move best these files Something like "My Documents in Windows I have not found. Should I create a new folder, or perhaps a particular folder it already […]

LG Optimus L7 – Can take pictures but no video record

Hello! I have for some time the problem is that I can take pictures though, but can not record videos. My cell phone is my fallen into the water some time ago, but has no noticeable damage suffered, except, of course, that I can not make any more videos. Whether this is related to the […]

HTC One – HTC ONE M7 – no reception for mobile Internet

Hello dear community forums, have today bought myself a used HTC ONE M7. The device is just 1 year old, in top clean condition. It is the latest Android version 4.4.3 installed. The unit comes from an O2 contract. but I have a map of D1 Congstar. When the switch "mobile data" is turned on, […]

Rooted HTC One M7, help update to latest version.

Hello everybody. I have my HTC 2 years ago let rooten from another forum of a nice guy, I really have no idea of ​​the Marterie. Well, it's been, as I said two years and since then I have not played it update. At that time he used a toolkit, which is still on my […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Sim card is not detected

Hi Guys, Was using a mobile phone in the mobile clinic, where I was told Simkarten slot defective. I then ordered a new slot, and the instructions (You-Tube) used this went very well. but everything assembled the problem remains, put the device to factory state, again nothing happens !! Question: What can I do ?? […]

Pro fragment other toolbar color

Hello Forum, I have some fragment and a toolbar. The toolbar has a standard color. When I open a new fragment, then the Toolbar should be colored with another defined color. So that each fragment has its own color. White jmd. I just can implement? Many Thanks Which "Toolbar" have you used? Code snipet? Perhaps […]