Nexus 4 (Cyanogenmod) turns off easily.

Hello I have a weird problem with my Nexus4 for a few days. Actually, the right time to replace the mobile times, but I still want to wait for the announcement of the new Nexus devices Small problem: for a few weeks, the touch screen on the lowermost of the screen stopped working. but that […]

Google Photos backup is not working

Good evening, since I switched from Nexus 5 on the HTC One Mini 2 (been) am, the automatic backup of my photos no longer works on Google. I enabled it and set that my photos are backed up only over Wi-Fi. Top of the app is also available "Backing up ... 66 left"But since nothing […]

M8 brick your defective bootloader?

Hello, I am writing to you because I do not know what to do. My M8 is about 1.5 months old. I got it unlocked immediately after purchase and the Viper Custom Rom installed. Since then, everything went great. Yesterday it is simply restarted in normal use, and then took very long to boot up. […]

Sky Go and Chromecast

Has anyone run Sky Go and Chromecast on a mini S5 or S6 on? I see in both devices, the Chromecast icon in the Android app, but unfortunately it's just grayed out and can not be activated. Anyone who has run Chromecast on an Android smartphone on and can give me a hint?Hi MB Power, […]

LG G3 – Bluetooth and WLAN simultaneously – Wireless connection drops

Hello, I have a strange phenomenon. Bluetooth is activated and I turn WLAN to break every 2 seconds, the WLAN connection off, and a second later restored and then stop again. Bluetooth is made there are no problems in the tub. I turn Bluetooth off, activate WLAN and Bluetooth switch only after the WiFi connection […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – get a replacement unit, S pen loose

hay I had the odd problem with my device as one can see from my 350,000 topics I now get a new device after my cover on the back somehow did not want to engage correctly, whatever reason was for cracking the device .. Now everything is fine. only I noticed that the pen some […]

Clean Master My second attempt to figure out how the tuning app works

Clean Master is an app that would help you in making your smartphone much faster - a speed increase of 80 percent was reached, the developer on its Google Play page. Who avoiding the eye rubs his amazement, could be right. Still, Clean Master is an extremely successful app that is installed on more than […]

display virtual keyboard.

Hello community, I would like to but display the virtual keyboard automatically following code does not work: protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate (savedInstanceState); setContentView (R.layout.activity_main); Input Method Manager imm = (Input Method Manager) getSystemService (Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE); EditText popupEditText = (EditText) findViewById (; imm.showSoftInput (popupEditText, InputMethodManager.SHOW_IMPLICIT); } Maybe someone knows why?Should go in the emulator […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Internal memory full – contact memory 2.23GB

Hello! The problem mentioned above .. 2.23 GB Contact Store This memory is full -> significantly slowed cell phone contacts can not see (contact list is updated) Contacts are quite important, but are not somewhere secured It would be extremely helpful if someone could help me! Thank you!!Install MyPhoneExplorer (exe on PC * and app […]

Sell ​​chrome bit CS10 – HDMI stick with Chrome OS

Hello, I offer here a bit chrome Asus for sale. The stick-PC is simply plugged into an available HDMI port to a monitor or TV set and you can surf easily on the Internet, checking email, and of course also use all streaming services. thousands of extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Store. The […]