Shark For Root

Hi Everyone, I have few questions Regarding shark for root and how to understand the working of the messaging applications and analyze its performance with the help of 'Shark for Root' Any help will be useful Thanks in advance Hey Ritesh It would be better, When You write your question in the english site of […]


Hello everyone, I'm the new, have a Z1 Vompact I'm from the Palatinate. Best regards, StephanHello Stephan, welcome to the forum and have fun with our bunch Hello Z1 Compact! Welcome and have fun here in the forum. Z1-Compact Moerschen have a Z1 Vompact I'm from the Palatinate. Strange language and special smartphones have you […]

DT2W kernel sought

Hi Guys, I am looking for a DT2W kernel which is based on Android 5.0.2 compatible with my Nexus 5 and the Dirty Unicorns Rome V9.2. one of you knows a kernel that meets my requirements? I thank you in advance.Hello Nils! DU TestBuild 9.2 (Android 5.1) on the N5, but I was also at […]

Huawei P8 Themes

Hello everybody. Today I have a theme created for the purposes of Vanilla Android: All Google Apps have their original material design Logo Certain Huawei Apps have Google Material Design logo (Huawei dialer, calculator, settings, and contacts) Transparent Navigation Bar What's left to do is the transparent status bar. This, however, I can not get […]

Google Play store Hama Internet TV Box 2

go out Chippunktdee Hello So for me now runs the "MARKET" !!! everything to choose there and also start ...... just stands there for hours "Starting download " and ???? a nix passieret a tip. sd must map out ... or you have him a path to give where to lie down there. have the […]

MyVideo: beta testing of retreaded app for music, series and movies

This advertorial was sponsored by MyVideo. The Android app of the video portal MyVideo appear soon in a revamped version. The developers have launched a public beta test for this reason, to gather feedback. Also Sons of Anarchy has MyVideo offer. / © MyVideo MyVideo is a portal that provides access to many different films, […]

LG G2 – reception problems with the G2

There are now news on this? My reception is still bad! I still stick on it and all the latest updates! Branding I have none! Did not even who D1 with LTE? Sometimes it seems to me as if the G2 has poor reception when setting LTE instead zn. 2G / 3G. Because someone has […]

Search APP fast forward to the time

Hello, I'm looking for an app when you can fast-forward the time when playing games or other apps.close App modify system time, restart device, voila.Vice Just hours before, although most games get their time from their own server. Stefan Z. [...] although most games get their time from their own server. Then you can anyway […]

Report: An unexpected error occurred

Hello, we had a thread with the same title only a couple of days. The supposed solution splints not to go. I can in any case not post messages at 'I'll show you my photos' thread and now get this problem.Do you browser or app? In the app, it goes with me. Or do you […]

OnePlus 3T – changing LED colors

Hello, You can change the LED colors for different apps, for example. green for Whatsapp, blue for Facebook, etc? And you can change the vibration for different apps, eg. long for Whatsapp, short for Facebook, dual vibration for email, etc? Thanks in advance! The LED color can be set in the respective app. With WhatsApp […]

Four very good zombie games for Android, which hardly anyone knows

The Google Play Store is packed with zombie games. You sure know games like Dead Trigger 2 or zombie highway, but also tells you Zombie Tsunami something? This title is really very well done, as well as these three Android games. Best Android Games: The Ultimate List Not for the faint of heart: the best […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – S5 takes calls in your pocket automatically after update

Hi Guys, my S5 takes all calls already in your pocket automatically since the last update of 15/04/15. (G900FXXU1BOC7) Although my S5 is always blocked by fingerprint automatically it takes all calls in your pocket which indeed normally should not be, since the display is indeed locked. when pulling out of his pocket, the caller […]