Galaxy S3: Wireless Charger finally arrives

With almost a year late, the wireless charger for the Galaxy S3 could soon finally come to market. Samsung has now submitted the kit at least in the US regulatory authority FCC and photos show that it is ready for production. My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?Select Sony Xperia or LG […]

Can not Resolve symbol …

Sure it's a very simple thing, but no matter what you do, always android studio has something to complain about. I have programmed game only with Visual Studio and Studio Adventure before. Nundenn, I have a WebView called mWebView, but whenever you want to do something with it in the code, it turns red and […]

honor 8 per ufs 2.1 memory or memory EMMC 5.1?

I have my honor granted 8 per. write some tester ufs the memory should be installed 2.1. I now leave the through androbench and get read only 285 mb and write 95 MB / s. Now I have three people who have written and also have the same values. Now my memory Frage.Ufs 2.1 or […]

Umi super – battery does not charge

Hi @ all, Umi was super for 2 days and have the problem that the battery will not charge. What am I doing wrong? Where there is a detailed German manual on the net? LG Josef K.Hello, Josef, I have allowed myself time to revise slightly the title of your threads. Please make but next […]

Huawei Ascend P6 – Huawei P6 – Permanent reboots!

Good evening! I just hope that you can help me here. As can be seen already in the title my Huawei Ascend P6 starts constantly autonomously new. Per Google search but I found while some with the same problem no workable solution to this. All went off about 2 weeks ago. My phone started constantly […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Home button defective

Hello, Prehistory: 3-4 months ago I had wrecked my display. Display (LCD Glass +) was then for just ~ 200 Eur repaired by a company. So far so good. Everything went perfectly. Now the home button stopped working, so something like this, as if the 'spring' is in there defective. Now my question: If the […]

LG G3 – No mobile data connection

Hi, since today I have the LG G3 now I want to check it thoroughly and promptly realize I do not come without WLAN to the Internet. Is there any copy settings, or otherwise as soon as I put the sim in the old phone it is immediately with G and H on the Internet. […]

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – Keyboard T9 – Z1 compact

I've been using for two months, the Z 1c and am very excited. One thing I still lack to happiness. And that is the keyboard. The good old Nokia keypad that was the Xperia T nor standard. Now she's gone. Weiss someone as I get the Xperia 'T' on 'Z 1c'? Sony has simply removed […]

no superuser access to Root

Hello. Maybe someone can help. I have rooted my S3 Lte via Odin. But this has worked only half because access via the Superuser app will stop me. It always comes stopped the message SU. I then googled times and in various forums says that Knox thing is to blame. Has an idea how I […]

flash SlimKat on Galaxy Note 1

Hello, how can I SlimKat flash on the Galaxy Note with Stockrom? I understood it this way: -Download TWRP -> file "T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879 (quincytmo)" -flash TWRP via Odin -Download Slimkat and Gapps and flash the TWRP -afterwards wipen Is that the right TWRP file? There are in fact two TWRP for Galaxy Note […]

DreamDroid – problem on Samsung Tablet S 5.10

Hello everybody, I have a problem with the dreamDroid app on my Samsung Tab. S 10.05. Short description: On my Samsung Galaxy S4 I have also this app (both latest version) and streame with the VLC player because dreamDroid assumes no other. Everything works just fine. Now I have set the same setting and everything […]

Bug in the default e-mail app on Android 6.0.1

Hello everybody, Here in the forum I have several questions, but found no conclusive answer to a malfunction of the default e-mail app on Android 6.0.1. I have chosen an alternative solution, but which I prefer to avoid. My goal: I want to synchronize with an email server to my new smartphone If I delete […]

Galaxy Alpha vs. Xperia Z3 Compact Camera in Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact play in the same league - but which smartphone has the better camera? We made with both smartphones a short photo tour, our comparison is an answer. What you prefer as a back-up? External private storage cloud or on the Internet?Choose External memory or internet […]

Huawei P9 lite or 7 Honor?

Hello, first of all I want to say that there is no buying guides alike. I have in Nov./Dez. 2015 received the Honor 7 and today a new phone from my mobile phone contract (Huawei P9 lite). Now I do not know which smartphone is better or how you would decide. I'm feeling mainly the […]