Sony Xperia SP – Android 4.4 for the SP

Well hopefully my SP is then faster again, not that it will be even slower. alsocustom ROMs based on 4.4 has been aroundI would like a custom Rome Installs aba do not know how the proceeds ^^My dear, look a little never hurts Flashe first of all by 4.2.2 Flash Tool and then it […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Galaxy S6 display yellowness stuttering

Hello everybody, For a few weeks I was the annoying problem as splashing around my display most of the time a kind of yellowness-filter. Strangely, this disappears Sobal I launch an app, for example. A Neuses game start. That's why I do not necessarily mean that it is defective, however, it is me a few […]

Google profile image will not be deleted / changed

Hi Guys, I wanted my Google profile photo, which, for example, is displayed on the upper right, delete or change. I click the mouse on it and go to change, a new photo upload and save on ... but it is still the old picture displayed Even if I delete all profile pictures in […]

Notifier for WhatsApp BETA

Notifier for WhatsApp BETA WhatsApp Notifier periodically checks for new versions of WhatsApp for you. Each time a new version is available to inform you! There are also a WhatsApp the FAQ section and a number of WhatsApp addons. Do not hesitate to try it!

Pocket Legends (3D MMO) – just super! – Android Apps in the test

Pocket Legends (3D MMO) has achieved a already one of the more popular games for Android, anyway - or perhaps because of - I want to present it to you today. What more can you expect from a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) á la World of Warcraft on Android devices? To the […]

Bahn Sharing: Books and Magazines – Android Apps in the test

Planning a train trip requires a lot of time and speed. If you are afraid to dig deep into your wallet has to spy on ticket quotas, plan early and sometimes just plain lucky if it comes during the holidays from A to B, especially to reach. As you can simplify the procedure by train […]

Arcane Legends – The MMORPG of the future? – Android Apps in the test

Recently, the new MMORPG "Arcane Legends" for Android is available. While the app was struggling to start with some server problems, it now seems to be resolved and the player can enjoy everything to the fullest. Real-time online games on Android are still a rarity, which is why, I went warily to the cause especially […]

OnePlus One: Change of Oxygen OS on Cyanogen OS

The OnePlus One was an instant hit in 2014. With its brisk hardware at a fair price and the interest, CyanogenMod-based software has made it popular. Thanks to simple modifications possible for hobbyists, it has collected points. Recently they offered the users to use the OnePlus-own system Oxygen OS. But as Cyanogen OS is better, […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini – no notification LED when S4

Hello. My colleague has everywhere activates the Benachrichtungsleuchte with whatsapp, facebook and co. But she never lights up with incoming messages. I've already searched her main menu, but found nothing. Do you know why this is and where to find the error In the previous S3 it shines so without problems. Thanks for your help.Quite […]

implement GCM

Hello! Implement just GCM to this tutorial: Which "Public API access" you have to generate? Or where to find the project number? SENDER_ID is the project number, Which you get from google code site. LGIf you are logged in to the developer colsole, then click on your project, then stands up there the ProjectID: […]

Google Nexus 5 – back / battery cover no longer holds true

Hello, I have with my N5 a small problem. Namely I once settled my shell, and then the back has at the upper left corner is something I gelöst.Wenn it purely press is now getting a little gap there and when I pick up the shell is the back again. Well then I will not […]

LG G4 – affichage est jaunâtre.

@ Bélier, merci pour votre réponse détaillée. Même moi, je ne serais jamais venu à ces conclusions. Ce matin, j'étais au téléphone avec le détaillant en ligne, lui avait envoyé des photos et obtenir des commentaires d'une heure plus tard, je reçois un nouveau téléphone. Comme la vie simple peut être Maintenant, j'espère que le […]